Source: Talks between Mariners and Cano hit dead end

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UPDATE: According to Ken Rosenthal and MLB Network, a source says that the Robinson Cano talks with the Seattle Mariners are still on-going despite reports of the talks hitting a dead end.

So last night we heard Robinson Cano got on a plane and headed to Seattle in order to have a meeting with the Seattle Mariners, possibly with hopes that Cano could have progress towards receiving a  $250-$260 Million contract. Well, now it looks like the Mariners and Cano aren’t going to be a perfect fit.

According to The Daily News, talks between Cano and the Mariners hit a dead end due to Jay-Z’s excessive demands. The article states that Cano went to Seattle with a $200 Million contract offer in mind. During the meeting, the Mariners offered Cano a 9-year, $225 Million contract. Jay-Z demanded a 10-year, $252 Million contract and that was when all went down hill. According to the article, the CEO of the Seattle Mariners Howard Lincoln “exploded” in anger.

Brian Cashman didn’t have much reaction to the news, although that could have been because he rappelled down a building in Connecticut this morning.

“I just keep it basically simple,” Cashman said. “Robbie’s and his agents’ job is basically to find out what his choices are. Brodie and Jay are trying to put him in a position to make an informed decision, and it takes time, so that’s the process. Our job is to inform him of what our comfort level is, and measure it against everything else. I just kind of keep it simple. … The only thing that’s really relevant is the level we’re willing to commit to and hopefully that somehow matches up with the same interest on his end. If it doesn’t, we’re not going to have a player.”

Cashman also commented about how he’s letting the process play out while staying connected to key free agents.

Everybody is replaceable,” Cashman said. “That’s a team concept. Some people are harder to replace than others, no doubt about it. I don’t think anybody would have the attitude that anybody is going to make or break your future, but you certainly can invest for good reason into players who can try to make your future brighter. That’s what we’re trying to do with Robbie amongst others. If it’s not to be, it’s not to be, and we’ll continue to do business as we have and try to collect as many great players as we can.”

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