Source: Yankees are targeting Justin Masterson

Justin Masterson

UPDATE, 9:54 a.m:¬†According to Buster Olney of ESPN, there are “no legs” on the Yankees/Indians Justin Masterson interest, meaning most likely the deal will not happen.

The Cleveland Indians and the New York Yankees are in the same boat. The Indians would rather keep their starter Justin Masterson but are listening to trade proposals. The Yankees would rather keep their outfielder Brett Gardner but are listening to trade proposals. However, the Yankees seem to come out as a possible suitor for Justin Masterson–if they could pull off a 3-team deal involving Masterson and Gardner.

According to Bob Nightingale of USA Today, the Yankees are interested in acquiring Masterson but of course both the Yankees and the Indians would need a third team should the deal happen. The Indians already have no use for Gardner since they already have a center fielder.

In a report from Tuesday night, the Yankees would be extremely open to trading Ichiro Suzuki and would rather hold on to Gardner, however the Yankees might deal Gardner if the price is right.

The Yankees aren’t the only team interested in Masterson: The Arizona Diamondbacks are reportedly interested in Masterson as well, and in my opinion I believe they have a better chance of pulling off a trade with the Indians since they have more to offer in their farm system.

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5 Responses to Source: Yankees are targeting Justin Masterson

  1. olie says:

    If there is a chance the Yankees can obtain Justin Masterson they will package up Gardner in a heartbeat!

  2. Ram says:

    That is business for you. Another home grown player preparing to leave. The up side is that if we lose Gardner we have Ichiro. If Ichiro goes we have Gardner. If we want a penant we need a quality pitcher. I guess we are not holding our breath for Tanaka.

  3. Not a huge fan of Justin Masterson. He's basically a league average pitcher with a career 7.5 K/9, 3.5 BB/9 and 100 ERA+. He's gotten better as he's gotten older, but I don't know how much more room for improvement there is. He's maybe a slight upgrade over Hughes (fewer homers).

    • olie says:

      Rob, Masterson is a sinker ball pitcher that eats-up innings. I would say he is major upgrade over Hughes!

  4. Sports News says:

    I'm sure Gardner for Masterson is fair. I’d bet on Gardner being a a lot more useful than Masterson in a vacuum, but Masterson is more probably to be worth giving a qualifying offer to after the season.

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