Source: Yankees interested in Darwin Barney

Darwin Barney

Since the Yankees lucked out on both Robinson Cano and Omar Infante, they could shift their attention towards the trade market for a second basemen to platoon with Kelly Johnson–and it looks like the Cubs could be suitors.

According to a tweet from Bruce Levine of, the Yankees reportedly have an interest in Darwin Barney. Now, while the Yankees have an interest in Barney, it’s important to mention that Barney did not have a good season.

In 2013, he hit .208/.266/.303 in 501 plate appearances, so right off the bat you know if the Yankees do the trade, Brett Gardner (who is the Yankees most valuable trade piece) wouldn’t be the candidate to go to the Cubs. It would probably have to be Ichiro Suzuki (who also has some trade value, although limited) or Vernon Wells (who has little to no trade value and I’m just dreaming right now).

Honestly, there are better choices in the free agent market. There’s Michael Young (who has a good glove, is a veteran who has good clubhouse presence and can still hit for power). If the Yankees are going to platoon a player, they might as well sign a one-year contract to Young. As a wise baseball writer once said (cough, Joel Sherman, cough). “There’s no such thing as a bad one-year contract.”

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12 Responses to Source: Yankees interested in Darwin Barney

  1. Welcome to Hal Steinbrenner's Yankees where they are interested in a guy with a career line of .246/.293/.336. Not only does that look bad on Hal, but it makes the farm system seem even more pathetic that they don't even think they can call up a guy to produce such terrible numbers.

  2. tomtheYank says:

    This makes no sense. Why would we want this guy to take a roster spot

  3. Yanktank says:

    I prefer nix to this

  4. Revisit the Red's and Brandon Phillips. Why is this guy so demonized? OK, he got PO'd at Joey Votto's contract, it happens. He added the Yanks in teams he would turn down a trade to when it looked like Cano might bolt. I call that smart. He is making about $11.5 million per year so add $500,000 a piece for the remaining 5 years on his contract. That $2.5 million extra will make up for itself in luxury seat licenses. I'd give up Gardner who is gone after next year anyway. Or, perhaps the deal can be expanded if we include JR Murphy & David Huff and get the Reds to include Homer Bailey. Right now the infield is pathetic. Jayson Nix, who they did not tender an offer, would have no problem making this club as presently constituted and that is sad considering all the money spent so far.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      Yankees don't want to take on Phillips's contract and the Reds aren't going to trade Homer Bailey. Also, the Yankees aren't thinking about the 2015 season. They're thinking about right now. So that means they're going to need Gardner for this year. And who knows, maybe the Yankees extend Gardner since the OF market is thin next offseason and the Yankees are going to be without a LF.

  5. Ron Tamoschat says:

    Why in God's name would the Yankees pass on Omar Infante ? They are going to need more than a one year solution to the 2nd base problem . Why give up a player like Gardner To get a second baseman when they don't have to and who they will need in the future ? Why would they give up Gardner for Jackson ? I think Gardner is better.I just don't understand the Yankees thinking. They have spent big money to fill some gaps , but they still need the rest of the puzzle filled in or their big investments will not get them to the post season. They also need some insurance for 3rd base/ first base(Mark Reynolds) , 2 lefties for the bullpen , another starter and a guy who can be a back-up reliever in case Robertson can't do it (It takes him 30 pitches to get out of an inning instead of 10-12 like a good closer). Cashman's position is "We have plenty of time to fill our needs" , but that's B.S. because all the good players are going off the boards to other teams. This is beginning to smell like last year where we just sat on our hands and watched all the good options disappear. Ron Tamoschat

  6. Scott B says:

    Forget 2B for now and get some pitching now. Stop putting your eggs in one basket. …tanaka. sign Garza and hope u can also land tanaka. Need some bullpen help also or its going to be a long year.

  7. Vin Giordano says:

    hes actually a decent player..had better numbers his rookie year…but look who hes playing for….it will be his 3rd seaon and could have a upside playing on a real team

  8. jfdi says:

    I'm far less concerned with our #8 hitter (which the eventual 2b option will be) than i am with having no #4 SP, an ace on a severe downward trajectory and a bullpen with a ton of holes.

    get reynolds back, maybe chavez too and let a right-handed kid platoon at second.

  9. tom says:

    Yankees are playing option by option. I won't waste my time complaining about Darwin.

  10. Tanned Tom says:

    To luck out is to have a bit of good luck. Like "I lucked out and caught a spade to make my flush"
    Darwin? blah. This is just tire kicking.

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