Teams call about Gardner but Yankees will hold on–for now 10

Brett Gardner 6

With the signings of Carlos Beltran and Jacoby Ellsbury, multiple teams are gaining interest in OF Brett Gardner, according to multiple reports.

The Yankees stated they are “willing to trade him”, however they are not shopping Gardner. The Yankees are listening to offers for Gardner, but as of right now, they’re going to hold onto him for the right price.

Gardner hit .273 with 8 HR’s and 55 RBI’s in 2013 for the New York Yankees.

10 thoughts on “Teams call about Gardner but Yankees will hold on–for now

  • DV1790

    Gardner is almost never on the bench because of injury. Can we really believe ellsbury will not be injured by the second month? Don't trade one of the most popular yankees without waiting to see how this all plays out.

      • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13

        Injuries happen to everyone. And while Gardner is kind of injury-prone, Ellsbury is more injury-prone. There's a better chance Ellsbury would get hurt before Gardner if someone put a bet on it.

  • Angel Rodriguez

    Would love to see the Yankees find a way to trade for Howie Kendrick if the Angels. Wouldn't replace Cano but would make it a lot easier to forget Cano. Good bat & defense.

  • HeelGD

    If it fills a need Gardner has got to go. Ichiro even at his age is just as good as Gardner is. You could of afforded to have Gardner on this roster because you had power at 2nd base. Garner has the most trade value. Make the move. Gardner, Nunez, Sanchez for Brandon Phillips. Make the Move Cashman.

    • Tanned Tom

      In what twisted universe is Suzuki just as good as Gardner? Please lay off the hard drugs before posting.
      Then you suggest Gardner and the top prospect in the organization for Phillips?! oh, hahahaha, now I get it, it's a joke, omg I almost passed out I was laughing so hard. Please stop, I can't take any more! hahahaha

  • mikefoxtrot

    somebody wants to trade an infielder ( or a kung-fu panda) for Ichiro and change, that would be far better for the yanks.

  • Heel

    Ichiro is pushing 40 though. Gardner would have the better value to bring back players/.

    Vernon Wells isn't Owed any salary from the Yanks this year so you can drop him for nothing or trade him for a bag of balls.

  • Michael R

    I like Gardner a lot. He's a grunt and teams need grunts to win. That being said, the game is about pitching, so he is expendable for a reliable SP if one is available.

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