Teixeira is “close to 100%”

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Mark Teixeria spent only two weeks on the field in 2013 before having season ending wrist surgery on an injury that dated back to Spring Training. Now, Teixeira claims he’s close to returning to the Yankees lineup in 2014.

“I’m close to 100 percent.” Teixeira told MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch in an interview. “I feel like I’m healed. I wish I was a little bit looser; my wrist is going to be tight for a while because of the way the surgery was performed. It’s still a little bit tight, but that’s why I’m doing rehab every day and doing exercises every day. I’ll start swinging a bat in January and that will also help loosen it up.”

Teixeira also discussed the moves the Yankees made during the offseason, including the signing of his good friend Brian McCann.

“I’m really happy with the moves. We had plenty of holes to fill, unfortunately, but when you can go get Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran before Christmas – even guys like Brian Roberts and Kelly Johnson, I think can be huge pickups for us.” Teixeira said. “I’ve played against Brian for 11 years; I’ve played with Kelly in Atlanta, so I know what kind of quality guys they are. They’re going to fit in great with our clubhouse. I think they’re going to do a great job on the field as well. I’m really excited.”

Although Teixeira seems excited about the signings and his rehab, are there any lingering doubts about him returning in time for Opening Day?

“I don’t have any doubts. I have to prove to myself that I’m 100 percent and I hope I’ll be 100 percent next month. You won’t really know until you go out and play that first game in Spring Training. When someone throws a 95 mph fastball in on your hands, if I can turn on that pitch and have no tightness or no pain, then I know I’m OK.”

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3 Responses to Teixeira is “close to 100%”

  1. TomHeck says:

    If Tex can start to hit hard line drives all over the field again like he did a few years back that will go al long way towards moving the Yanks up the ladder. Doubles with runners in scoring position and a few homers (20) will let him go back to third in the order.

  2. Yankees fan says:

    I hope mark is healthy but for a percotion I would sign Lyle Overbay he can hit at least 10 hrs and he is cheaper than Kendres Moreals and Mark Reynolds. They also still need a 3rd base man if A rod gets a long term suspension Mark Reynolds use to play 3rd base or they could go for Brandon Inge or Padlio Pilanco but they can't hit at all one last option is Stephen Drew he can hit and play 3rd or short stop what ever the Yankees do it will most likely be good.

  3. Michael R says:

    Very difficult to ever attain 100% after a severe injury and surgery. I like Tex so I hope I'm wrong but considering his age the future looks bleak.

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