Winter Meetings Day Three: Cashman, Gardner, Ellsbury, Nunez, Betances, Rule 5 Draft

Brett Gardner 11

It was Brian Cashman’s final day at the Winter Meetings, so he had a quick briefing session before heading off into the offseason. The main topic of the conversation was Brett Gardner and Cashman’s stance has not changed on whether he would trade Gardner.

When the Yankees signed Jacoby Ellsbury, many of the Yankees rivals called Cashman with trade proposals for Gardner. Although Cashman is listening in on the proposals, he stressed (for the ten millionth time to reporters) that Gardner will be a Yankee in 2014, and it would be extremely hard to move him.

“We envisioned having both Brett and Ellbsury manning the outfield together,” Cashman said during the briefing. “That was the game plan that we set up. It doesn’t mean we can’t alter that game plan. But that is the game plan that we entered this process with, to have that dynamic speed and defense manning the outfield.”

Throughout the Winter Meetings, rival GM’s have attempted to talk Cashman into trading his left fielder–who Cashman admits to being a big fan of. However, Cashman has yet to hear an offer that would prompt him to hit the proverbial trade button.

“The only way I’m interested in moving Brett Gardner is – it’ll be tough – somehow feeling that we’re putting ourselves in the position to feel better about us in the short- and long-term.”

Rival executives believe that Gardner could bring back either an every day player or a #4 starter, but don’t expect the Yankees to make a deal involving Gardner. Cashman said that he could take the same route he did in 2011 and make small signings and filling holes by inviting players to camp.

Some Final Notes from the Winter Meetings:

— The Yankees announced that Jacoby Ellsbury will be introduced as a Yankee on Friday at 11:00 a.m. at Yankee Stadium. The press conference will air on the YES Network.

— Cashman said that both Eduardo Nunez and Dellin Betances have a fourth option, meaning that he could send the both of them down to the minor leagues. It would make sense to send Nunez down rather than get rid of him if the Yankees have no room.

— The Rule 5 Draft is tomorrow and Cashman said that the Yankees will not make a pick in the draft due to their roster being full. He also said he wouldn’t be surprised if some players from his roster were taken in the draft.

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8 Responses to Winter Meetings Day Three: Cashman, Gardner, Ellsbury, Nunez, Betances, Rule 5 Draft

  1. Joe says:

    How can our player development staff be comfortable in their position. The "Boss" would have cleaned house when we did not have anyone that was major league ready last season with all of our team injuries. In fact, it looks like we still don't have anyone ready. We need to give the young players a chance to succeed

    • Tanned Tom says:

      The Boss always has been, and always will be Springsteen. Steinbrenner was an ass.

      • olie says:

        As I pointed out last year if not for The "Boss" (Steinbrenner) the Yanks would be in bottom of league like they were when he bought them. You don't have to like him but give credit where credit is due! Also I went to a Springsteen concert once and he is overrated!

        • Tanned Tom says:

          That's true, at least Steinbrenner spent the revenue money, he wasn't cheap about it. But Spingsteen overrated? Sacrilege!

          • hotdog says:

            I never liked George Steinbrenner when I was younger but I give the man a lot of credit…diehard Yankee fan who shelled out the money and brought championship baseball to New York again…also gave a lot of money to good causes…i have a lot of respect for the man these day…RIP

          • James Dogg says:

            Comparatively Steinbrenner is way more overrated then Bruce– George is more responsible for the 12 years between 1981 and 1993 then the years between 1994 and 2001. Stump Merrill, say no more– Bruce's outtakes are gems compared to George's "accomplishments" writing checks takes no effort- If George were still arounf I think Brandon Phillips and his sour grapes would be a yankee- that was a great non-move –

  2. Dcd says:

    With our recent signings. All have injury history. Theres no
    way you even listen to trade offers for Gardner! We will be down to 3 OFs at some point.
    Go after Garza or westbrook(innings eater) and sign Infante

  3. hotdog says:

    Yankees lost Tommy Kahnle in the rule 5 draft…that's too bad as he looks like a very good reliever who just needs to better his control…in 46 games for AA Trenton (2013) he had an era of 2.85 giving up 38 hits in 60 innings with 74 k's but he walked 45…still, hate to lose these guys…

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