Yankees decline Phillips for Gardner trade proposal

Brett Gardner 12

For all those hoping to see Brandon Phillips in pinstripes–it’s not happening.

According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Cincinnati Reds called the New York Yankees proposing a trade of Phillips for Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner. The Yankees abruptly declined the offer, putting an end to the Phillips for Gardner proposal.

Although the move would have made sense (the Reds needing an outfielder and the Yankees needing a second basemen), the Yankees didn’t seem interested at all. You’d have to wonder if Brian Cashman took more into account than just Phillips’s numbers.

It looks like the Hot Stove just got evenĀ hotter.

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8 Responses to Yankees decline Phillips for Gardner trade proposal

  1. stuart phillips says:

    Its the money.!!!!!

  2. Rich says:

    I would've done it

  3. Mike Sommer says:

    Phillips is owed $50MM over four years and has a no-trade. In order to leave, he wanted his contract re-negotiated, which was a deal-breaker. Despite his pop (.261-18-103 in 2013 for the Reds), Gardner's WAR was 4.2, Phillips' 1.7. Gardner's OPS+ 108, Phillips' 92. Gardner makes $5MM, Phillips over twice that. Those are a few of the reasons.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      Exactly, you don't trade Gardner for a lesser player who makes more money and has attitude problems to boot.

  4. Too much money. The Yankees, who absolutely can afford it, are pretending they can't.

  5. hotdog says:

    It looks like the made an offer on Infante, 3 years $24 mil but no go…Infante wants 4 years $40 mil. but 4 years $32 mil gets it done…i'd like to see that…he's good enough and young enough to play 2nd for several years…the Yankees have a lot of holes to fill and the Yankees could add that extra year imo…

  6. jfdi says:

    gardner > phillips. why pay more for an inferior player.

    stick with johnson, let the kids be a backup as needed. save the money for a couple bullpen arms while trying to shop gardner for an sp.

    2b will be our #8 or 9 hitter. doesnt have to be a 300 hitter. superior pitching or defense is far more important

  7. Leo says:

    I agree, pitching and defense up the middle will over the corse of the season net more wins then the latter. Plus I would keep Gardner. The speed it gives us in the out field will take away a lot of dunk fly balls and reduce the doubles. Not to mention the speed it gives us I our line up. The amount of steals and double steals they can add to the top end. Both nice contact slap hitters with both coming on in power.

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