Yankees fans look back on 2013 and anticipate 2014

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The 2013 New York Yankees season was full of ups and downs, twists and turns along with joy and heartbreak. All and all, 2013 is the season that could give the Yankees organization (and Yankees fans) some time to reflect on the past and to look forward to the future. On Christmas Eve, I asked Yankees fans on Twitter what was their favorite moments from the 2013 season and what they looked forward to in 2014. Here were there responses on what was their favorite moment in 2013:

@BrianD_MLBTalk: I think without a doubt the top moment from 2013 was Mo’s farewell. It was incredibly emotional & a night we’ll never forget.

@SteveyLewis: the best moment of 13 was the fight a understrengh team achieved after been written off. Impressive team spirit and pride

@MissYankee: When [Andy] Pettitte and [Derek] Jeter went to the mound and took Mariano out of his last game ever at Yankee Stadium. Very touching moment.

@vanessajbarrett: I was pretty proud of [Brett] Gardner hitting that walk off home run on my birthday back in August. Plus all those home run robberies !

@TrueYankeeFan42: My top 3 are: Jeter hitting a homerun off the first pitch he sees on his first day back, Mo’s [Mariano Rivera‘s] last game at Yankee Stadium-I was just watching the highlights of the 2013 season and this moment came up… *tears*. Thirdly: Pettitte’s last start. I remember feeling so happy for him pitching a complete game on his last start of his career.

Now, what are the Yankees fans looking forward to in 2014?

@BrianD_MLBTalk: Next year, I’m looking forward to the return of the Bronx Bombers. [Brian] McCann,  [Carlos] Beltran, & the return of Tex [Mark Teixeira] will be big boosts!

@ArtybeingArty: I’m looking forward to finally seeing [Michael] Pineda pitch.

@SteveyLewis: in 14 I’m looking forward to a fight back, no pressure just pure energy. Positive and aggressive. New look new attitude. Can’t wait for opening day now. The challenge ahead is going to be awesome.

@TrueYankeeFan42: I’m looking forward to seeing Jeter and Tex playing again 🙂 and seeing Gardner, [Jacoby] Ellsbury, and Ichiro’s speed on the same field!

So now that you’ve heard what some Yankees fans look forward to, I now turn the question over to you: What are you looking forward to in 2014 and what was your favorite moment in 2013? You can decide amongs yourselves or use the comment section below.

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