Yankees “have no intention” of trading Brett Gardner

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My, my, Brett Gardner has been a popular name this offseason, hasn’t he?

Well this time, the Yankees are going to set the record straight on all the Brett Gardner trade rumors with Randy Levine repeating what Brian Cashman, Joe Girardi and the Steinbrenners have been saying for the past two weeks: he’s not getting traded.

We think he’s going to be on the roster,” Levine said on the Ian O’Connor Show this morning. “One of the reasons the baseball people signed Jacoby Ellsbury is the two of them together present a tremendous dynamic one-two or nine-one, whatever Joe Girardi decides to write in at the top of the lineup. One will play left, one will play center, and it’s a tremendous defensive situation. So, no, there’s absolutely no intention to move Brett Gardner.

Gardner’s name has been linked in trade rumors involving the Tigers, the Indians, the Giants and the Reds. The Reds actually called the Yankees with a trade proposal involving Gardner but Brian Cashman declined the trade.

Gardner hit .274/.344/.416 in 609 plate appearances during the 2013 campaign and he’s eligible for free agency following the 2014 season.

We’ll worry about whether the Yankees will re-sign Gardner when next offseason comes but for now…he stays on the team. Hopefully all of the trade rumors will stop now.

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18 Responses to Yankees “have no intention” of trading Brett Gardner

  1. Jack says:

    Ellsbury is the centerfielder. Gardner is going to be traded if the Yanks get value in return . It makes sense for the Yanks to package Gardner, Nunez, and others for a pitcher and an infielder.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      Girardi's not committing to who's the CF yet. It's either Gardner or Ellsbury and although Ellsbury has a better chance to be the CF, that's not set in stone yet. Yankees only want the best for Gardner and Cashman admitted the trade market isn't much better than the free agent market. Cashman also said he's going to sign everyone and plug holes in via free agency or non-roster invitees to Spring Training, just like in 2011. A trade involving Gardner is simply out of the question.

      • olie says:

        They didn't sign Ellsbury to play Left Field, pretty sure CF was part of the deal. Gardner probably isn't a everyday player because of the problems he has hitting against Left Handed Pitching, so I don't believe they are going to alternate the CF position!

      • Anthony Raf says:

        its pretty set in stone when u pay a guy 150 mil. ellseburry will def. be in centerfield theres no doubt about thaT

  2. Jack says:

    Ellsbury is the centerfielder, one because you signed him for 150 million and two Gardner first steps are always in. Cashman will trade Gardner if he gets what he needs, guaranteed

  3. tom says:

    Gardner wont be offered a qualifying offer for 2015. That is why Yankees should make a trade for him now but I won't trade him for another overpriced player nor Austin Jackson.

  4. gcorcoran says:

    Cashman never said he wouldn't trade Gardner, just that he doesn't want to. Those are two very different things especially when you have teams interested in that player. If Cashman gets a deal for a third starter there's no chance he turns it down.

  5. Michael R says:

    He'll be gone if they can secure a decent pitcher.

  6. hotdog says:

    Yankees still need infielders, another starting pitcher and a reliever or two…I like Gardner and Ellsbury as a dynamic duo but Cashman needs to not sit on his laurels and get to work…this is where Cashman has troubles…find those secondary guys…no more Lyle Overbays and Travis Hafners of the world…please!

  7. Maria says:

    Brett Gardner is a great player, I hope he will stay with Yankees during the next full season.

  8. gofor28 says:

    I want to see Gardner and Ellsbury together pls don't trade Gardy!! imagine both stealing over 50 bases each?? btw, who do you think is faster?

  9. Joseph Santiago says:

    Elsbury is much faster than gardner

  10. One reason not to trade Gardner is in the event Ellsbury needs a day off or get injured, who plays CF?

  11. rose heller says:

    oh, for the days of THE MICK, I really miss those days.

  12. Dano if LI says:

    Hi I am Dano of LI. I love trying to research Yankee minor leagues to find talent. I feel Cashman and Oppenheimer must be held accountable for : Cito Culver, Slade Heathcot ( we could if drafted Steven Marz), Brackman, Hensley, Lindquin and Dante Bichette Jr .We had Quintana twice in our organization and twice we let him go.Ge is now a real good number two starter behind awakes. Look at Boston.They draft much better than us.It the Boss was alive, Cashman,Oppenheimer and Girardi would be long gone.I say hire Omar Minaya to run our minor league and scouting. Dano of LI

  13. Dano of LI says:

    Typo. Meant to say " behind Sales"

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