Yankees Notes: Pitching, Ichiro, Romine, Mesa

Ichiro 3

So obviously the week of Christmas has been extremely quiet and there hasn’t been much baseball news to report aside from Masahiro Tanaka being posted. But there were some notes and tidbits from today that might interest Yankees fans and might hold them over until next week when there’s sure to be some news (maybe some of the Alex Rodriguez kind?) Anyway, here are the notes from today.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote a column about the Yankees needing a lot of moves to go right for their bullpen and rotation to turn from a weakness to a strength. Part of the plan Sherman has for the Yankees to have a great rotation is to sign Tanaka. I thought it was a great read and if you haven’t read it yet, then you probably should.

— Nick Carfado of the Boston Globe wrote about various teams and of course one of the teams he touched base on was the Yankees. He discussed that he believed the Yankees might want to consider moving Ichiro Suzuki since the outfield is pretty crowded. He also added that the San Francisco Giants could be possible suitors for Ichiro should the Yankees trade him.

Carfado also discussed the catching situation. With Brian McCann the new Yankees starting catcher and Francisco Cervelli the likely backup, it leaves Austin Romine on the trade market. Now, the Yankees don’t have to trade Romine, but in all honesty there’s not much room for Romine on the team should McCann and Cervelli stay healthy. Then again, maybe Romine wins the backup catching job in Spring Training and the tables will turn on Cervelli. Well, as a wise radio announcer once said, “You can’t predict baseball.”

First Brett Marshall and now Melky Mesa. Melky Mesa reportedly signed a minor league deal with the Kansas City Royals late this week. Mesa had the raw tools to be a good outfielder but he struck out a lot, causing the Yankees to make the decision to release him. He had a stint with the Yankees in the big leagues, but he’ll forever be remembered as the player that forgot to touch third base as he ran to home plate.

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9 Responses to Yankees Notes: Pitching, Ichiro, Romine, Mesa

  1. Ang217 says:

    Anytime any prospect shows some possible future the Yankees would rather "rid themselves" a possible potential Good player for maybe now and the future. Instead they would rather trade for the "washed up" "over the hill" cheap alternative
    2013 sure proved their "ability" or "lack thereof" a future, however, refuse to pay for the future NOW thus there is ZERO future and "proverty" for the NOW!!!
    Super way to ignite the fans who fill the seats with no one worth watching or hopeful to maybe mold and see. They request the AARP list and them in ass first!!!

    • John says:

      How many of those "prospects" they traded away actually turned into stars? Meanwhile, they've held on to guys like Jeter, Pettite, Rivera, Posada, Cano, Gardner, Robertson, Williams, etc. Even guys like Hughes and Joba they've given 4-5 years to develop.

      So again I ask, what prospects have they gotten rid of that they've not given a chance to and ultimately turned into stars for other teams?

    • Arcudi Dave says:

      I'll take the Veteran over the kid any day. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't. A team of rookies can only lose. A team of 40 year olds is like the 2001 Diamondbacks. Or have you forgotten? I'm so sick you of you poo pooers. Nobody filled more seats than Reggie.

  2. Yankees fan says:

    Good point John most of the guys they held on to became good players

  3. YankezFan says:

    I think Joel Sherman needs to have his head examined… The Yankee BP was a weakness? If you consider that they lost 2 players, Mo and Logan then I would say losing Mo would be tough to replace, but then again, No other team had him, so the loss can be managed. The Yankees had one of the best BP in ML last season, and all they might need is a 8th inning guy for Robertson, in case he cant close, that can step in. Other than that add Tanaka and the Yankees have bettered the team this season by 100% with their acquisitions. Even if they add an arm to the BP it might not be necessary but its just a backup plan. Logan was brutal last year, and I cant see how a guy who let 33% of inherinted runners score get the kind of deal he did. The Yankees needed a lefty specialist something they havnt had since 2009 with Marte and Coke. Thorton is a specialist and if he dosnt work out hopefully Cabral can, and Girardi can stop using Lefty specialist as a regular relief pitcher. The BP is solid, the hitting is solid, now we just need to round out the SP. Mind you with Pineada, Nunez and Phelps I think we might have a gem in the fold somewhere, even if we don't get Tanaka.

  4. Balt Yank says:

    The Yanks mishandle, stymie, and trade away good prospects: Ian Kennedy, Austin Jackson, Phil Coke. Also, the issue of upgrading the bullpen being discussed in the press is absurd, considering the woeful infield. Let me see: Robinson is the top 5 set up men in baseball for 2 + years now, and Yankees need insurance for closer? Let him close, period. For the bullpen, use last year's plus two rookies. Put Pineda there so his arm does not fall off. What about Mark Montgomery at Triple A, excellent closer there for two years now and young? Choices are not hard.

    Pitching is suspect but should be CC, Kuroda, Nova, Phelps, Rookie. Meanwhile, the Yankee infield has one good player TEX, no proven 2nd /3rd base, and a SS with a catastrophic foot injury (beloved as he is). Hmmm.

  5. hotdog says:

    a lot of things have to go right for the Yankees to make the playoffs in 2014…the offense has improved, the bp is weaker without Mo and the rotation doesn't scare anyone…adding Ellsbury and keeping Gardner makes for an interesting running game but finding the right set of bullpen guys will be key this year…meanwhile we have to cross our fingers that Sabathia rebounds, Nova pitches consistently well, Kuroda pitchers 1st half ball all year round, Phelps/Pineda or someone else keeps the team in the game and that Tanaka or another decent pitcher finds their way into pinstripes…i think the most important piece of 2014 is that our minor league players have a better year and get back on track…

  6. Balt Yank says:

    I think the Yanks should grow there kids. As a fan since Mattingly / Winfield / Henderson, it is fun to root for players who are great and/or home grown. Gardner meets that test. Ellsbury does not.

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