Yankees reach out to Tanaka’s agent but no offer yet

Masahiro Tanaka 7

Although the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes began yesterday, The Yankees wasted no time being aggressive in their quest to land the famed starting pitcher.

According to the New York Daily News, the Yankees contacted Tanaka’s agent Casey Close, who is also the manager of Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. Although the Yankees spoke to Close, the Yankees did not make an offer. Their offer is not supposed to come until next week at the earliest.

With Tanaka being the biggest prize in the offseason, you have to expect that he’s not going to come cheap. According to a report from ESPN, Close is looking for a a minimum of a 5 years, $100 Milion contract for Tanaka.

The Yankees have some competition for Tanaka, ranging from the Red Sox, the Dodgers, the Cubs and even the Mariners, who are fresh off of signing ex-Yankee Robinson Cano.

Whichever team signs Tanaka would have to pay the Rakuten Golden Eagles $20 Million for the posting fee. The bigger question (aside form who will sign Tanaka) is how will Tanaka adjust to pitching in the Majors? Will he find success like Yu Darvish and Hiroki Kuroda, or will he end up being a slight disappointment like Daiskue Matsuzaka? Regardless, that thought is not going to stop teams from partaking in the Tanaka sweepstakes–right now, all anyone can think about is how to get Masahiro Tanaka on their ball-club.

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7 Responses to Yankees reach out to Tanaka’s agent but no offer yet

  1. Ang217 says:

    Go for it. There was enough of nothing last season. Growing up in the Bronx during the 60's and 70's please don't make it miserable again. I have been teased, insulted and laughed at enough for ALL those AWFUL years
    Be a MAN like your DAD was mine passed away 6 months ago from
    Parkinson's and much suffering. He always took his baby girl to see those horrible yankees. Please, for my dads memory and all the years he sat (disliking baseball totally) show my DADDY he gave his little girl the BEST!!!!
    Go for it BIG for all us fans who were teased until your DAD came to our rescue

    • Love you sentiments Ang217!!!

      Time for Hal to be a man of his word…..but not holding my breath because they didn't even make a respectable counter offer to Cano of $200 million over 8-years and Cashman spending has been reined in big time as he is not even allowed to sign relievers to solidify the bullpen, which is not in good shape.

  2. Tanzo says:

    I would think that Tanaka would want to play for a contender right away and not want to be part of a rebuilding plan. So the cubs, Astros, and the Mariners would be out. Cano already got his ring so now he went for the money. I would think that Tanaka would want the ring so that it would be one in Japan and one in mlb

  3. Yankees fan says:

    Good point Tanzo Tanaka wants a ring now not 2 – 5 years from now.

  4. @Jim_Catfish says:

    The Yankees will make him an offer that he won't refuse.

  5. I'd play it very cool with Tanaka. For a guy just shy of 25 he has pitched a lot of innings. His best pitch is a split-fingered fastball, very tough on the arm. You may want to check out You Tube, especially since very few fans have seen him pitch. Also, he does not have to take a physical during the bidding process, a little scary since I hear 6 years at $120M (Ballpark) will ultimately be the going price for his services.

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