Alex Rodriguez sues MLB, MLBPA to overturn ban


And on the latest episode of “As The World Revolves Around A-Rod”…

Alex Rodriguez and his lawyers filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association  in an effort to overturn his 162 game ban. The lawsuit is seeking to void Frederic Horowitz’s ruling, based on Horowitz’s “manifest disregard for the law”, his “evident partiality” and the refusal to “entertain evidence that was pertinent and material to the outcome.”

The suit also adds that the 162 game ban is “unjustifiable” and Horowitz ignored the rules of baseball’s Joint Drug Agreement, which gives a 50 game ban for first time drug offenders.

“He ignored the clear disciplinary action of the JDA,” the complaint reads, referring to the arbitrator. “Accordingly, the Arbitration Award is not legitimate as it does not draw its essence from the JDA or [C]BA.”

Rodriguez lists MLB and the MLBPA as defendants in the 42-page complaint and includes Horowitz’s written ruling on Rodriguez’s appeal. Rodriguez claims the MLBPA breached its “duty of fair representation” and claims MLB and MLBPA imposed a suspension without a justifiable cause.

Rodriguez’s legal team claimed the appeal process was flawed and Horowitz’s decision should have been invalid.

“We recognize the standard to overturn an arbitration is a high one,” Siev said. “But we think this proceeding was so flawed from beginning to end, including obvious bias from arbitrator Horowitz in favor of MLB, which is put forth in our complaint.”

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3 Responses to Alex Rodriguez sues MLB, MLBPA to overturn ban

  1. Yankees fan says:

    I can't believe that A Rod use to be my favorite player now when he should take his right full punishment he try's to slip out of it what a a$$ take your punishment all ready oh yes he's not my favorite player any more what a rich cocky a$$

  2. Luigi Ragusa says:

    A couple things on Arod:
    1. As he goes down he will not go down alone. Expect a tell book that reveals a lot of players names.
    2. If Selig really wants to stop PED use, suspend the player as in the CBA and take away everyghing they have done while on the juice. Let's say Arod had 400 home runs while usings PEDs, take them away, now he would have 254. Take all MBPs and so on. By doing this it now frees the HOF committee, who would vote for a guy with 254 home runs over 20 years.
    3. Quit talking about him and stroking his ego. Sure it sells papers etc, but he is suspended get him out of the media. This would be the ultimate blow to the egomaniac.

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