BREAKING: Tanaka signs with the New York Yankees

Masahiro Tanaka

And the winner of the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes is…the New York Yankees!

According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, Tanaka agreed to sign a 7-year, $155 Million contract to join the Bronx Bombers. The deal includes an opt-out option after the fourth year.

So after much speculation, the Tanaka Sweepstakes is finally over. The Yankees have another pitcher, past 2014 looks a bit brighter…and Tanaka might have saved Brett Gardner from being a trade chip to another team.

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18 Responses to BREAKING: Tanaka signs with the New York Yankees

  1. Andy K says:

    Love this. It's a lot of money but it is what is it. Great job by Cashman and thank you to Hal for going the extra mile

  2. This is the best news we have gotten all off season!!!!

  3. PeterWRusso says:

    The Tanaka deal makes New York a stronger team. Now with CC Nova Tanaka Pineda and Phelps the Yankees have a solid five and can compete with the Red Sox.

  4. Felix says:

    Finally!!! It's New York and the Yankees know that to compete they have to spend. Hopefully tanakas numbers will somewhat translate to mlb .. By the way it was a great choice and he obviously love the lime light so New York is the place for him now let's see how he handles pressure

  5. Pedro says:

    Absolutely crazy!! With the blow up of the luxury cap thresh hold and his posting fee, Yanks just paid $36 Million a year, if he opts out. And he WILL opt out if he's any good. $36 Million for an unproven, overused pitcher? This will be the last nail in Cashman's coffin

  6. Bob says:

    And Gardner Stays. What an outfield. Now find a good young Third baseman.

  7. Billyball says:

    25 year old pitcher in tanaka
    Nova is 27
    Pineda is 25
    Phelps 26
    Banuelos 23

    Younger staff
    Just need Eric jagiello to develop at third and mason and heathcott and infuse some younger positional players.

  8. tom says:

    Nice addition. 202m covering 41 man roster. Yankees are committed to 163m covering 9 players in 2015 without Robertson(FA), Nova and Gardner(FA). That could mean Yankees are better off holding on Almonte, Anna, Flores and Pirela(non-40m) this year for 2015 just in case if Yankees try to play 189m budget game again next year…

    LF- Almonte or Flores.
    SS- Anna. (Nunez and Ryan hold higher)
    2B- Anna or Pirela. (Nunez and Ryan hold higher)

  9. Bobstrer says:

    Greatest news ….seriously, Yankees have put together a great team this year and it truly pleases me that with all the negative, the distractions and BS, the Yankees did not sit around and do nothing to enhance the team. Now let's hear from all the "haters" about how we bought a winning team; we did what every other team has done in various ways…Dodgers, Rangers, Jays, Boston, etc…. Great job Yankees….Yankee Fans Rule !

  10. Yankee Mountain Man says:

    This is wonderful news! Now let's sign Drew and the World Series is ours!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. @ferc1990 says:

    gonna be tough for tanaka though… fans expect him to pitch like he did in japan. a 24-0-1 record…

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