FOX buys majority stake in YES Network

Yankee Stadium 3

21st Century Fox has announced that they are in the process of purchasing a majority stake in the YES Network. The purchase increases ownership from 49% to 80% while the remaining 20% would still be owned under Yankees Enterprises. The move now would make the YES Network an entity to 21st Century FOX.

Following the news of the company buying the stake, FOX announced the CEO Tracy Dolgrin would remain in the same role with the YES Network. Majority of the YES Network stake had been owned by Yankees Enterprises since 2002.

Once approved, the purchase should be finalized by the end of the first quarter of 2014.

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One Response to FOX buys majority stake in YES Network

  1. storm2k says:

    Does this mean we'll see YES get rebranded as yet another Fox Sports channel, the way that Prime Ticket, SunSports, and etc. have been over the years? You know, Fox graphics, stupid NFL on FOX music for game intro music and etc? I hope not, but that seems to be the way they do things.

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