Mark Teixeira expects tightness in wrist throughout season 26


Going into the 2014 season, the Yankees are expecting Mark Teixeira to play approximately 140 games as he comes back from wrist surgery. However, Teixeira might still feel the lingering effects of his wrist surgery until “June or the entire season”.

“Any athlete that says, after a major surgery, that they have no problems, they’ve never felt anything, they’re 100%, and they’re going to be as good as ever—yeah, you can say that, but in the back of your mind, you’re always thinking, OK, I still have to do it,”  Teixeira said to the Wall Street Journal. Teixeira was limited to just 15 games in 2013, following an injury while training for the World Baseball Classic.

Until Teixeira is back on the field and winning games, he’s unsure if his wrist will allow him to be the same hitter he once was.

“I can be as positive as I can, but until I hit a 95 mph fastball that’s inside, into the second deck, then I’ll go, ‘All right, I’m back,'” he said. “But you can’t do that in a batting cage. Only time will tell.”

Teixeira explained he teared his ECU tendon sheath in his right wrist and opted to sit out until June, with hope he wouldn’t need surgery for it to heal. Unfortunately, Teixeira realized he couldn’t hold off much longer and repaired it surgically, ending his 2013 season.

An injury dealing with an ECU tendon sheath is nothing to joke about; David Ortiz nearly retired after tearing his ECU tendon sheath in 2008 and performing with sub-par numbers in 2009. Jose Bautista is another example; he tore his ECU tendon sheath in 2012 and tried to rest it, similar to Teixeira’s case. After having surgery, Bautista was zapped of his power, hitting 28 homers in 2013; he hit 97 home runs from the year 2010 to 2011.

Teixeira’s doctors informed him his wrist will feel tight, but it should get better with every therapy session he has and every swing he takes. But Teixeira promised the injury wasn’t going to affect his performance and his rehabilitation process is manageable, even if his wrist isn’t feeling 100%

With the Yankees not having a backup plan for Teixeira going into Spring Training, it looks as if they might have to take Tex’s word on it and believe he’ll be a gigantic contributor in 2014.

26 thoughts on “Mark Teixeira expects tightness in wrist throughout season

    • Mickey

      Man you all are depressing. take a look at how much money was just spent. Over half a billion dollars ! Pineda is healthy . Banelous will be healthy by July.They were both two of the best young prospects only 2 years ago and their injuries are not the type which ends careers. With all the talk of gloom, there is also the possibility that come September baseball could be saying the Yankees have one of the best young pitching staffs in baseball with only C.C. And H.K. Being over 30. If the Yanks can trade Cervelli to Seattle for Nick Franklin, They need a catcher and he is a 22 year old 2b, we are no longer old. Spring training is 2 weeks away. This is starting to feel like 09, a special year.

  • tino

    Great…better get someone now count on Tex being out by 2nd week of the season …going to miss Overbay

  • Gene

    This team has way to many question marks. With a very weak bench and bull pen its not looking good. Keep the Red cross on speed dial.

  • Michael R

    After reading the article and filling in between the lines, this certainly isn't very positive news.

  • Don Bonomi

    It's hard to believe that Cashman has said that he feels the roster is set for 2014 when there are still so many question marks in the infield and especially in the bullpen.

  • William Fuller

    Go on Mark take the money and run… I have never seen nor hear of a player to say the things he says… if anything make the fans feel good… be like Jeter.. give it your all till your wrist snaps in two… I think he is happy to have a ring and likes not playing baseball… the guy says all the wrong things… I want to hear him say,, "NO MATTER WHAT… JOE IS GOING TO HAVE TO DRAG ME OFF THE FIELD!!!" But nope… I miss Tino

  • murphy371

    I stated on some previous posts, that Mark Reynolds should have been kept. He always killed the Yanks as an opposing player, so he doesn't seem to be intimidated by the NY scene. Looking at his Offensive numbers from last year, they improved across the board plaing for the Yanks, even his strikeouts were down. He'd approximately be a 30 hr/ 100 rbi player, with a bunch of K's playing a full season. But most importantly could fill in at third or first, while Tex is resting. Come on Cash, make the move to make this season matter – we can do it.. Unless you have some gem hidden away that no one is aware of.

  • tomy cassella

    nice going mr. assman. the yanks got rid of two very capable fitstbase men when they let reynolds and overbay leave. i'll never understand the yankee logic.

  • tomy cassella

    who will play first base if tex can't do it.? the yanks keep digging themselves into holes,and i can't see how they will get out of them.

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