MLB approves padded caps for pitchers

New York Yankees Ivan Nova

Major League Baseball approved a product design to protect pitchers against line drives that are hit towards them. A padded cap made by the 4Liscencing Corporation will be made available to pitchers when they report for Spring Training, however the use of the cap will be optional.

The design comes 17 months after Brandon McCarthy, then with the Oakland Athletics, sustained serious head injuries after a comeback liner struck him in his head. The company states the cap is half an inch bigger on the front and an inch thicker near the temples. The cap protects from impact on a 90 MPH pitch to the front and a 85 MPH pitch to the side.

The new cap will not prevent all injuries, and many of the serious injuries occur below the cap line. There is still talk about protecting pitchers with possibly visors, masks or helmets.

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One Response to MLB approves padded caps for pitchers

  1. Gerry Gagnon says:

    "There is still talk about protecting pitchers with possibly visors, masks or helmets."
    Right — anything other than teaching them to field their position. Watching the follow-through positions of many MLB pitchers shows them ready to field their position with a butt-cheek, rather than their glove. It not only endangers their well-being, but also reduces their team's fielders to 8, rather than 9; in addition, it encourages overthrowing and the resulting arm injuries.
    Most old-time pitchers — including Hall-of-Famers like Warren Spahn, who had a leg kick with his foot above his head — managed to square their followthrough a la Greg Maddux. The result is both a pitcher who is less likely to be injured, and a valuable extra glove in the infield…
    But no — let's just start outfitting them like lacrosse players, and budget for arm operations…

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