MLB seeks speedy dismissal in A-Rod suit


Major League Baseball is seeking a speedy dismissal in Alex Rodriguez‘s lawsuit challenging his 162 game suspension.

According to ESPN New York, Howard Ganz, a lawyer for MLB, wrote a letter to U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos stating Rodriguez’s claims do not come remotely close to what’s needed to overturn the arbitration ruling in federal court.

“A court must confirm an award even when the arbitrator has offered only a barely colorable justification for the outcome reached, and even if the court considers the arbitrator’s interpretation of the contract to be plainly wrong,” he wrote.

He also states Rodriguez never denied engaging in misconduct that was alleged during the arbitration hearing or in his lawsuit.

Rodriguez and his lawyers sued Major League baseball and the MLBPA on January 13th, accusing the league in engaging in “ethically challenged behavior” and leaking news to the media, which violated baseball’s confidentiality agreement. Rodriguez event went a steo farther, accusing Frederic Horowitz of acting “with evident partiality”.

Rodriguez’s lawyers did not respond for comment at the time the article was published.

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  1. Raman Deep says:

    I have zero faith in the US court systems. The evidence against arod is a joke and he does not deserve a years ban. As a younger man I believed our courts were the true beacon of truth and justice. But after OJ and the Gore/Bush election, I lost all faith. It's all partisan and politics.

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