Red Sox OF Gomes discusses Yankees signings

Jonny Gomes

The Yankees/Red Sox rivalry is Major League Baseball’s premium rivalry in the sports world. Whenever the Yankees and Red Sox are together for a series, emotions tend to run high. And if a teammate from the Yankees or the Red Sox makes a statement about their opponent, it tends to fuel a fire and cause more drama.

After the rivalry was one-sided in 2012 (Yankees) and 2013 (Red Sox), it seems the rivalry will be as good as advertised due to the Yankees improving their team–oh, and Jonny Gomes‘s comments about the Yankees spending habits.

Gomes told the Wall Street Journal that while the Yankees signed players and improved their team, the Red Sox “still have the belt”.

“It’s kind of flattering, you could say that, that they had to go spend X amount of money to think they had to compete,” Gomes said.

Although Gomes laughed off the idea of the Yankees spending money, he did mention that he wasn’t surprised the Yankees won the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes.

“Par for course, who else was going to get him?” Gomes said. “Yeah I mean, the Yankees being the Yankees, I figured he’d go there. If the Yankees need a starting pitcher, they go get the best starting pitcher. Or a catcher, they get the best. I’m not really surprised by any means.”

Well, the Yankees will get to test out their new and improved lineup against the Red Sox this season as they face one another 19 times during 2014. Let the renewed rivalry BEGIN!

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4 Responses to Red Sox OF Gomes discusses Yankees signings

  1. There is absolutely no reason politics ever need to be brought up on this site.

  2. hugo says:

    este año si tendremos los yankista un buen motivo par no perdernos una serie yankees red sox VIVAN LOS YANLEEES

  3. Fernando says:

    I'm always amazed that the crappiest players on teams always feel the need to open their mouths about other teams.

  4. olie says:

    I notice the escapee from Duck Dynasty didn't seem to remember the Red Sox signing of Dice-K Matsuzaka a couple years back.

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