Rumor: New York among three potential landing spots for Tanaka

Masahiro Tanaka 3

As Masahiro Tanaka begins his USA tour to meet with teams, three cities have emerged as early favorites in the Tanaka sweepstakes. John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle reported that New York, Boston and Los Angeles were the preferred destinations of Masahiro Tanaka. Narrowing that down a bit further, the four teams that reside in those areas are the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, and Dodgers.

Now, it’s time to eliminate the four teams one by one:

1) The Mets weren’t front runners in the Tanaka Sweepstakes and seem to be off the radar.

2) The Red Sox have revealed earlier in the offseason that they have little interest in adding Tanaka to their starting rotation.

By process of elimination that leaves the Yankees and the Dodgers to battle for the right-hander. Both teams have been said that they will go “all in” on Tanaka but the Dodgers slightly retracted their statement earlier today when they said they won’t spend wildly either.

If the Yankees play their cards right, they could enter the 2014 season with a top of the line rotation–and Tanaka could be in it.

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9 Responses to Rumor: New York among three potential landing spots for Tanaka

  1. Lord of the Flyballs says:

    "top of the line rotation"?

    I don't get it…are we talking about the Yankees rotation? CC has to be seen as a question mark. Kuroda's 2 year fade has to be seen as a question mark. Nova is a career question mark. Pineda another question mark. The other guys probably don't even add up to a question mark, they won't give you more quality innings then they will struggle. Add a question mark in Tanaka.

    To be top of the line you have to have at least 3 locks. NYY don't even approach that.

    • Carmine P says:

      You don't know the Yankees. We have CC and he will give us innings as will Kuroda. Nova has looked good as has Phelps. Behind them are Warren and then Pineda.

  2. Irina says:

    Tanaka would be great for the Yankees. I hope he will sign with the team.

  3. yasu says:

    Los Angeles Angels.

  4. @Jim_Catfish says:

    Everyone already knows all of this

  5. Peter says:

    Funny, I think the Mariners are one of the top three contenders to sign Tanaka. While they don't "need" Tanaka (Felix, Iwakuma, Walker and Paxton all have #1/#2 upside, if they aren't there yet), they really want him, they've proven that they will "overspend" for the right guy, and contrary to some beliefs that they can't spend more, anyone near the organization knows they can, and will, if possible. Then there's the bonuses for location (close to Japan), history with Japanese players, which leads to the growth of the Mariners fan base in Japan, and the fact we have Iwakuma to help Tanaka make the transition, and simply be in the same rotation together. And why do we want that fifth "ace" arm? Because while Walker and Paxton are both very high upside arms that could be VERY valuable in 2014, neither can be counted on to be in a three-man playoff rotation; Walker will get shut down by then, and Paxton most likely will be running out of gas, so a potential extra 5-6 starts for him would be poor planning. But Zduriencik is planning on the team being in the playoffs (whether it happens or not is another story), and therefore desires an arm like Tanaka to help us get there, and be our third starter in the playoffs. I think the Mariners will both be able to woo Tanaka to heavily consider us as one of his top destinations, and also throw more money at him than the Yankees or Dodgers will be willing to do.

    • Carmine P says:

      The Mariners are already out of it. It is now down to Los Angeles, New York and the Angels with New York the favorite. He wants to be with a contending team. Also his agent is the agent for Jeter.

    • Fernando says:

      Sorry, but the Mariners are like the FOURTH best team in the division. They have way too many holes to talk about the playoff rotation.

  6. Carlos says:

    I believe Tanaka will eventually sign with the Yankees. Unfortunately, the Yankees is more likely to overpay and give him a ridiculous contract.

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