Rumor: Tanaka Sweepstakes between Yankees & Cubs

Masahiro Tanaka 7

With the deadline for the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes on Friday, it seems the competition could wind down to only two teams as the week goes by.

There is word coming out that Tanaka is now deciding between the Yankees and the Cubs. There was early rumbling  Tanaka would preferably enjoy the West Coast more than the East Coast, leaving the Cubs out of the picture. Now it seems it may not be the case.

Last week, a news report came out that five teams had offered Tanaka a contract: The Yankees, Dodgers, White Sox, Diamondbacks and the Cubs. Adding to the reports, the Diamondbacks made an offer of $120 Million. With the entire Tanaka situation, I learned to take things with a grain of salt until things are certain.

I would expect an announcement on the Tanaka situation either tomorrow or Wednesday, just so the team that signs him can get him in for physicals and have him officially on their roster by Friday. If there’s any chance Tanaka plays baseball in the United States this season, he’ll have to sign with a team by the end of the week.


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67 Responses to Rumor: Tanaka Sweepstakes between Yankees & Cubs

  1. Wynn Hasty says:

    Theo is at it again

  2. Yankees Fanatic says:

    Yankee Stadium here's Tanaka!!!!!

  3. SkinnyMikeAxisa says:

    Why would the Dodgers be out of the competition to sign Tanaka ?…LA offers the best set of circumstances: money, pitcher-friendly ballpark, winning environment, weather, Japanese community and proximity to Japan…Still seems likely Dodgers get their man.

    • Robert B says:

      Add the rumor that his wife, a singer, preffers LA for the possibility to "go Hollywwood". Also Tanaka's agent (CLose) is the same agent of the 2 best pitchers LA pitchersf. I think that Tanaka is going to LA, unless they realize that their payroll is to high…

    • nobody says:

      Maybe because they have 7 SPs under contract for 2014

    • NY is just as close as LA to Japan in terms of flight hours…

    • Larry says:

      The Dodgers are "out" because they were never seriously in. $20 mil per for a guy who figures to be their #4 starter? PLEASE!

      The Dodgers "interest" in Tanaka was them doing a solid for Casey Close to help drive the market as high as possible.

      And that whole, "we've talked with Tanaka's agent every day this week" quote was a REAL gas! Ya! No kidding! You were negotiating a $215 million extension for Clayton Kershaw with the guy… OF COURSE, you were talking to him every day!

    • Jim Harper says:

      They probably did not offer as much money after paying Kershaw

  4. Jimp says:

    The yanks will show him the cash-man. Money talks

    • The Yankees haven't outbid ANYBODY since they signed CC Sabathia. I'm not sure that 5 years later it is good to expect that they'll finally return to that strategy.

  5. Al neilson says:

    The Yankees need a young stud on their staff. Something they haven't had in a while.

  6. ron alnyi says:

    Which is better: a house by the ocean in Malibu or, say, a condo in Manhattan? Not a tough choice. Plus his wife's an actress, and they've got this thing in L.A. County called Hollywood.

    I wish Tanaka would help make the Yanks contenders again, but he's going to the Dodgers.

    • SkinnyMikeAxisa says:

      Agreed. If the money is equal or even if the Yankees offer more, the other things that go with being a Dodger will trump the Yankees offer

      • JOEPT says:

        Dodgers have the resources but they choke and will continue to choke. They can buy all they want and look at the results? Schooled by the Cards. They would have been schooled by the Red sox as well.

    • Podjoe says:

      With this new A-hole Mayor, Tanaka will have to give all his money away , for the sake of income equality

    • J R Villarin says:

      Memo to Mrs. Tanaka (in case it's about you) New York makes much better movies than LA, and without fake sets. Just walk anywhere in NYC, anc chances are a movie was shot there. New York has heart and toughness. Now, if you are a phony and afraid of the weather, then LA is for you, but remember, a house on Malibu can't handle a storm like a condo in Manhattan…

      • ScooterD35 says:

        Not to mention, depending on what kind of actress she is, New York has Broadway.

      • ron alnyi says:

        Plus, Robert, Hollywood is maybe 5 miles from Japan Town, which is in downtown L.A.

        Roughly in between Hollywood and Japan Town is Dodger Stadium. Ten minutes after leaving the stadium, he'd be with his homies

      • Greg says:

        oh yeah, calling his wife a phony would surely win the Tanakas over…as if she was going to read this

  7. Joseph NYY says:

    I don't know Ron, I prefer the condo in NYC and the House in Hampton Bays myself.

  8. Robert B says:

    Sorry for the typos…

    Add the rumor that his wife, a singer, preffers LA for the possibility to "go Hollywwood". Also Tanaka's agent is the same agent of LA's best pitchers. I think that Tanaka is going to LA, unless they realize that their payroll is to high…

    • ron alnyi says:

      Plus, Robert, Hollywood is maybe 5 miles from Japan Town, which is in downtown L.A.

      Again, I think it's a foregone conclusion.

  9. Justin says:

    Don't count out the Cubs. It's not the ideal situation for winning this year, but everything I have read says that they will be a strong team in 2015. Don't count out Theo…

    • Jimbo says:

      Seriously, just look at fucking Boston. They just won the world series and they still have the best farm system in baseball. Fucking Theo, man.

  10. allan says:

    The Cubs have won nothing in 100 years

    • Dingus says:

      That might be why they're going after Tanaka.

    • scott says:

      for those of u who say the cubs have done nothing are people out of the loop…theo and co have turned the cubs minor league system into the best there is and are being stocked with young talent..maybe not this yr but by next yr look for cubs to at least contend for division,,tanaka has been told this and why would he ever wanna go to ny when chi towns clearly the best shot at something long term and historic,,go cubbies!

  11. Vincent says:

    Here it is, and remember i said it..If he wants to go to the cubs….In the words of Michael Kay, when announcing a Yankee Home Run……See ya

    • jay says:

      that doesn't make any sense why why should he go to a team like Chicago Cubs who had not has not win anything for like 100 years you want to go to a winner not a loser and make something of yourself plus Chicago cubbies cannot outbid the Yankees that's like taking candy from a child are you serious he's going to the Cubs that the joke

      • Dingus says:

        They do have a better farm system than the Yanks, and it's not like they don't have money either. I mean what is the Yankees' average age right now? 34? I still say he signs with my Dodgers.

      • scott says:

        jokes on u,,the cubs have the cash to go to 200 mill if needed,,yanks cant do that,,go cubs!!

      • Jay, the Ricketts family have at least as much money as the Steinbrenners do. The family and Theo have already stated they won't be outbid for Tanaka, so it will comes down to locale I would figure rather than the pile of cash every team is going to dump on him….

    • scott says:

      lol he wants to go to the best,,so yea,,hes comin to chi town!!

  12. jay says:

    this is for everybody that not a Yankee fan why are you on the Yankees webpage go to your team webpage and get out on the Yankees webpage this is for Yankee fans only so do yourself a favor and leave

  13. edley says:

    jay: Punctuation is your friend!

  14. Wade says:

    The Dodgers have spent too much money by paying over 300 mil for Kershaw. For that reason I don't think they'll take a chance on Tanaka for 150 or more mil. If the Cubs do it they'll be riding the Tanaka train for years to come because they won't have enough money to sign any other players. So for that reason, my guess is he comes to the Yankees. But even then, that worries me. He's not a proven major leaguer. He could end up being a bust.

    • chad says:

      The Cubs have money now Wade, and their coffers will only get more full once the upgrades to Wrigley get done and they have large revenue streams from all the new advertising AND they will have a new TV deal in place very soon ala the Angels and Dodgers which will bring in about $1 million per broadcast. They have vowed to filling with free agents around all the homegrown talent which they are bringing up when the time to win is at hand. Why is this sort of plan so hard for everyone to understand? If I'm Tanaka, I would love to be " the guy" and grow with all these young players coming to Chicago. Don't count them out.

    • Raider Nation says:

      The Dodgers paid 215 mil for Kershaw of which only 150 is guaranteed, the final two years Kershaw can opt out.

      Oh, and the Dodgers just signed an 8.5 Billion Dolllar TV contract. LA may have problems, but money isn't one of them.

  15. iamyournot says:

    New York is the place for you Masahiro Tanaka.

  16. brett says:

    Yankees all the way $$$

  17. scott says:

    sorry all,,but hes headed for chi town,,yanks r washed up,,he wants to be part of history, not whiny east coast chowder heads

  18. Cubs LOL really? why? they always fail !

  19. Daniel says:

    Tanaka is going to the Yankees. There's no way he picks the Chicago Scrubs.

  20. mikefoxtrot says:

    if Tanaka goes to the Cubs he gets the goat.

  21. Michael says:

    Seriously, if he chooses the Cubs then there's something wrong here. What are the Cubs gonna pitch to him? Hey Tanaka, come on down here, we have a great minor league pitching system and we just got a new mascot.

  22. Michael says:

    Seriously, if he chooses the Cubs then there is something wrong here. What are the Cubs gonna pitch to him? Hey Tanaka, come on down here, we got a great minor league pitching system and we just got a new mascot.

  23. RK1 says:

    Cubs are willing to outspend everyone to make him the ace of their staff. They have the 2nd best minor league system. What they can do which Yankees cannot is front load the contract. Because cubs have such a low payroll currently, they can pay most of his money in the first few years. The Yankees cannot do that due to the tax. Then cubs have plenty of payroll available in 3 years to ontinye to add free agents to all thr young, cheap, controlled talent coming up from the farm. Long term success like the 1990s yanks is what these cubs look like. It may be very appealing to a guy wanting to be a the man rather than a piece.

  24. Frankie says:

    I Think that The "Best" Team That Tanaka Should Go To Is N.y. [Not Just Cause I'm A Yank Fan] Yet They're
    The Team [Yes, B Sdes That Spend Coa$t Err L..A. Team] Cause Of All Their $pending This Past /Recent BB Season.
    Yet For A Team That's The 2nd Youngest Team Of The Original 1's B4 1930, Has More W.S. Wins [Even Though Their Last 1 Was 5 Yrs. Ago, '09] 27 Times Out Of 40.
    Now W/ Kurado & Suzuki & A Larger Asian Community Here In N.Y., He'll Be The #1 I By NExt Yr. The Earliest After CC Retires Or f # 2 Now To Show Others Like Pineda [That If You Were Healthy] ,You Be The # 1 [Youngest] Starting Pitcher For This Team 3 Yrs .Ago.
    7 Yr @ 155 Mill.

    So With That In Mind, As Much As This Is Still Lingering >;—{ On ??Team Is He's Going To By Friday , I Feel That The Yanks Should Sign Balfour To "Bolster" Their Much Needed Relief Area Then Get Garzar , Santana..& Still Have $$$ Left Over. What A Line Up [As Even The Analyst From M.L.B. TV Says] The Yanks Have.
    W/ Ellsbury ,McCann , Beltran, A Healthy Texiera Jeter, Suzuki…..Soriano. They Can Possible Win 98 Games For A Play Off Spot .

  25. FrankE says:

    BREAKING NEWS ~~~~~!!!!!!!!!! TANAKA Coming To NY !!!!!!!!!! $155Mill For 7Yrs. :—} Opt @ 4yrs.
    From MLB TV

  26. FrankE Apples says:

    I Just Got Finished Talking About It !!!!!!! They [ We [The N.Y. Area] Has Sorry LA /Calli ] About The Asian Community !
    Now [ I Even Said 4 GetttBoutItttttt] That $189 Limit ! That's $22.142 Mill!
    What A Line Up [As I Just Said] They Have That's $73,806.66 Over 30 Days Plus He Will Be The # 1 Pitcher For Them Next Yr. ['15] …… Now they Should Get Balfour Or An Other Relief Pitcher .
    Their # 5th Starter Will Probably B Pineda Or Warren.
    McCann , Ellsbury ,Beltran……Kurado,,,Suzuki…..Tex, Jeter,,, ,Gardner,,,,Soriano

  27. FrankE Apples says:

    ????? #24…..13…… 189…….. What Does Those #s Have In Common……Times Up.. Those Are the #'s the Sons Don't Care About ! Any More!
    For I've Been Saying That All Last Yr. Their Father Was Gonna Come Down n Fire Them[Ca$hman] As Team Owners & GM For Not Going After Any Of Those "Other" Hi Free Agents .
    Ken Rosenthal [An I've Been Saying… What a Line Up n Staff……..]They Have :CC, Kuroda, Tanaka, Nova ,…..?Pineda…?Warren ? As A 5th Starter. Now They'll Go For A Relief Pitcher & ?A 3rd. Base.[Or Use Kelly Jonhson / Nunez].

  28. FrankE Apples says:

    Now NY Means New Yen ………..$$$$ …,John Hyman [From S.I. Mag.] Now Sezs Both Them [ Yanks] n The Dodgers Are Just About A [Not A LOCK] As Playoff Teams In Their Divisions.
    I Can Now Say That The Yanks Can Win Probably [Most Likely No Less Than] 98 Games !…….
    LF ] Gardner /Soriano
    SS ] Jeter
    CF] Ellsbury
    1st Base ]Teixeira [*Helathy]
    RF] Beltran, Suzuki
    DH] Soriano, Beltran
    3rd Base] K.Johnson
    2nd Base]Roberts

  29. The city that never sleeps vs the crowd that doesn't show up till the 3rd inning vs the curse that's worse than the Red Sox one.So I'm from Chicago & I detest the Red & White Sox but the Cubs being on the radar.Dream on.What do we have to offer?China Town or deep dish pizza?Dad brought me up right.He was a Yankee fan & passed the torch to me as I have to my sons.

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