Rumor: Yankees show interest in Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew

With the $189 Million luxury tax no longer an issue, the Yankees seem to be taking a closer look at free agent Stephen Drew, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Since the Yankees landed Masahiro Tanaka and passed the luxury tax, there has been a notion the Yankees would continue to spend in order to fill the holes and put a new team on the field for the 2014 campaign. The interest in the former Red Sox shortstop comes weeks after the Yankees signed his former teammate Jacoby Ellsbury.

Aside from the bullpen, the Yankees biggest question mark is now the infield. With no Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira coming back from injuries, Drew could be the answer to the infield problems. It’s possible the Yankees could use Drew to be their everyday second basemen, or they could move Drew to shortstop if Derek Jeter’s ankle is still giving him an issue.

The Red Sox have been interested in locking up Drew for a multi-year deal, but once again could possibly lose out to the Yankees if the price is right.

In 2013, Drew hit .253 with 13 homers and 67 RBI, helping the Red Sox win a World Series championship.

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52 Responses to Rumor: Yankees show interest in Stephen Drew

  1. Yankees42 says:

    They need to move Jeter to third base and sign drew at short, Then they can either platoon second base or go after phillips but try to retain gardner , Jeter is old and with the range they lost at second with Cano , Jeter now has to cover more ground as when we had Cano here he could reach range to behind second base , but now jeter just cant do it and needs to go to third for the rest of his career and Alex if he ever comes back with the yankees go to DH.

    • YankeeLifer says:

      I totally agree, and have been saying this since we knew A-Rod was getting more than 65 games
      (which was pretty much from the start). I know it's sacrilege to approach The Captain about giving up the coveted Yankee Shortstop position, but Jeter, as The Captain, should step up and suggest it himself.

    • A long shot but, the Reds and Phillips' relationship is bumpy at best. I'd like to keep Gardner and EXTEND HIS CONTRACT but the Yankees don't do that. It's worth a shot but Ichiro is less than 270 hits of 3,000 in US MLB and he is not going to get Playing Time with the Yanks if the Yanks hold onto Gardner. It's also going to take more than a year for Ichiro to get to 3,000 hits. He is still a B plus outfielder and keeps himself in great shape. Anyway, give the Red's a call and offer Ichiro and Nunez (not everybody is as down on him as Yankee fans are and his upside is tremendous) for Phillips. Not a team friendly contract but is the best defensive 2nd basement in baseball and drove in 103 runs last year. Still get Drew because Tex will never be confused for "the Gipper" and Jeter is a huge question mark and has been uncharacteristically selfish. Again, the site of Overbay or Reynolds back as Yankees is painful, and they are both presently the property of Milwaukee (and please God have them both make the Brewers). Bringing back Jayson Nix could very well make me a Bridgeport Bluefish fan.

    • Randy says:

      I am a fan from NC. I am a Braves fan but I am a Brian McCann and Yankees fan first. There is a difference in trying to win with just what you have money for and trying to REALLY win something with all out desire. McCann will handle the pitching staff well, will hit 35 or more homers, with fans that really care about their players, he should make a few more all star teams, get a few more Silver Slugger awards, and get about 3 World Series rings before he retires and maybe get to Cooperstown. I have gotten YES network and will be following every game. I have just had so much frustration the last 8 years with the Braves. I knew that Brian would be a Yankee in July. With the fans in Atlanta wanting the "New" guy and ignoring McCann, it really pissed me off. Now I know he is where he will have some folks that want to win. With close friends living in New Jersey and working in New York, I know I will make several games. If you see a guy there with a southern accent, it may just be me. Go Yankees!

    • senior says:

      Jeter number 1 overated player ever!!!!longevity is the only thing that gave him stats-and…his inside out swing base-hit to right field is sooo boring-dive in the stands again your my hero..yeah-You've only had good players around you your whole career!!Robison Cano best second basemen ever i'll give you that(you had him)Remember thes players all start with the red sox including babe ruth-

  2. Yankees42 says:

    Also with a Really much better Lineup heres what it looks like with Stephen Drew:

    1. Gardner
    2. Ellsbury
    3. Jeter
    4. Beltran
    5. Tex
    6. Mcann
    7. Soriano
    8. Drew
    9. Roberts

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Jeter won't be hitting third.

    • Arkius says:

      Two lefties at the top of the order? Really?

      • In this case yes, will optimize the speed of both, and both work the count which drains the opposing pitcher. Jacoby and Gardner are among the best table setters in MLB.

        Yanks did the same with Gardner and Damon back when. It was Gardy 9th & Damon leadoff, but in effect it amounted to the same thing.

        • Arkius says:

          Two lefties at the top of the order? Really?:

          In this case, no. It is well known that Girardi favors a left-right alternating line-up; therefore, my proposed line-up is consistent with Girardi's preferences, i.e., reality..

          Granted, two lefties batting sequentially is similar to Robert's top of the line-up, but a nine hole batter is not the same thing as a lead-off batter; mainly because they see different types of pitches.

          A lefty nine hole batter leading off an inning, followed by another lefty, will see a lot of breaking balls. A lefty batter, followed by a righty to start the game, will see more fastballs.

          • You want your two best on-base guys to get as many at bats, and thus see as many pitches, regardless of the variety, as possible.

            Ellsbury is the lead-off hitter. Gardner batting second means HE will get more fastballs to pull between the open hole on the right-side of the infield. The same would apply if you switched the 2 but Ellsbury is the better baserunner and has the higher OBP.

            Your way has a gimpy Derek Jeter hitting into A LOT of double plays if the "Jeterian" magic is gone. And the burden of proof, is on Jeter, or at least should be.

    • Arkius says:

      This line-up is more realistic:
      Kelly/Dean Anna

      Teixeira is a notorious slow starter, and he strands a lot of runners in scoring position, so he bats 7th until June.

      Having switch hitters Beltran, Teixeira and Roberts at the bottom of the line-up, will give opposing managers match-up problems late in the game.

    • Robert says:

      The line up must be 1. Ellsbury
      2. Jeter
      3. Beltran
      4. Tex Your line up is not realistic. You can't put Drew in the lineup
      5. Soriano because we don't have him yet
      6. Mcann
      7. Johnson
      8. Roberts
      9. Gardner

      • Mike Sommer says:

        I see Teix dropping to sixth. His BA lately has been in the .250 range. Your 1-2-3 are ok. 4-5 would be Sori/McCann or the other way around. Teix 6th. The rest as you have it.

      • Arkius says:

        This line-up is more realistic:

        Uh…….Robert; I didn't put Drew in the line-up.

    • Rich Bruning says:

      They didn't get Ellsbury to bat him 2nd. Ellsbury at leadoff & Gardner ninth.

    • Jeter will not be batting third is my guess. Not trying to be contrary

      • sonnyboyterry says:

        Maybe 1st, 2nd or down in the order. I am not exactly sure how this will all wash out though.

  3. @Nightsong says:

    Sheesh. Just seeing that line-up "on paper," it really hits home how different the line-up will be this year. Although last year's line-up looked pretty strange most of the time too.

    So with the $189 million no longer an issue, are we looking at $16 hot dogs and $23 beers at the stadium?

    • Really disappointed in Jeter, who had been the ultimate team guy. He, at this point has the range of an Oak Tree and should agree a move to 3rd. Also, I'd bat him 7th unless he tears it up in Spring Training (assuming he can still stand up).

  4. BAJ15 says:

    I am not so sure this is the best route. Before making a commitment, I hope the Yankee brass looks at other alternatives, like the international market; the Cuban SS Diaz could be an interesting addition with $ savings plus a less than 30 age. Drew is a nice piece, but the price is steep.

    • Joe says:

      Diaz just got arrested in Tampa recently for DUI. A 21 year old who signed for 4 million in a 2014 Mercedes. May not be mature enough for the Big League.

  5. YankeeLifer says:

    I think that lineup actually shifts up one spot. I think Girardi likes Jeter in the 2 over the 3, due to his declining power. If Jeter can't get the bat going, then he can drop to 9, and Gardner takes the 1 with Ellsbury sliding to 2 (although I think that would signal that it was Jeter's last year, much like when Posada was asked to drop in the lineup). I wish we didn't have to consider feelings when planning strategy. There's no crying in baseball!
    1. Ellsbury
    2. Jeter
    3. Beltran
    4. Tex
    5. Mcann
    6. Soriano
    7. Drew
    8. Roberts
    9. Gardner

    • GLW says:

      Bingo……..the key in this is to sign Drew

    • Rich Bruning says:

      Exactly as I was thinking. Jeter is a good fastball hitter & he'll see a lot more of them with Ellsbury dancing around at first base. He also hits to the opposite field better than anyone which leads to a lot of hit & run. Putting Ellsbury anywhere in the line up other than lead off would be a waste.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      See my reply above. I think Teix is dropped to 6th.

  6. Juan Hernandez Jr says:

    Why do people and Girardi insist on batting Jeter second? He grounds into too many double plays and now coming off ankle injury will only make matters worse. My lineup would be Gardner, Beltran, Ellbury,Tex,Mcann, Soriano, Jeter,Jonnson/Nunez Roberts. It would be different if the Yanks sign Drew who would be in the two slot and Ellsbury leading off and Gardner ninth.

    • Rich Bruning says:

      Gardner strikes out way too much to bat lead-off. His strike outs keep going up & his OBP keeps going down. Ellsbury at lead-off. Bet on it.

    • You may be right at this stage but if Jeter has a solid season, he'll bat 2nd, 1st occasionally, maybe 6th or 7th. If he's batting 8th or 9th, he'll be slumping bad. Until his injury, he was still able to score a hundred runs, hit in clusters and bat 300.

  7. Michael says:

    Just a rumor, i don't think they are pursuing Drew. They need to focus on the bullpen. Imagine if the Yankees traded for Papelbon. That would make headlines.

    • Yes it would make headlines as they'd be getting a Shortstop still young and healthy enough to cover ground at the position where that attribute is imperative. The move for ex-Red Sox Johnny Damon went over fine and they gave a lifetime Red Sox Jacoby Elsbury a, generous, to say the least, contract. Papelbon has a big mouth, there has never been animosity between Drew and the Yanks. Drew is a must IMO because Texieria is already making noises about missing part of Spring Training and Drew has the versatility the Yankees need at this point. They have spent like drunken sailors this off-season, complete the spending by embracing Drew—–or they can wait and see if the Brewers cut Lyle Overbay and/or Mark Reynolds.

    • sonnyboyterry says:

      I tend to agree. I also agree about the bullpen. I think they have enough competition for a number five starter in Nuno, Phelps, Pineda, etc. I'd prefer Pineda as a number five if he's ready and move Phelps in as a long man and spot starter with Nuno going down to AAA for when the team needs him. I do like Phelps and Nuno as good role players. I'm not convinced Warren can help them for a full season. That infield still has to come together though you gotta admit.

  8. Robert says:

    The line up should be:1.Ellsbury
    3.Beltran We can't put Drew in the line up because we don't have him yet
    4. Tex
    5. Soriano
    6. Mcann
    7. Johnson
    8. Roberts
    9. Gardner

    • sonnyboyterry says:

      This looks reasonable. Girardi likes batting Gardner 9th because after the first time going through the order, it really doesn't matter if it's first or 9th. With so many question marks, it is hard to guess

    • Mickey says:

      As the roster stands, this is the lineup. Only possible play, would be Tex, Mac & Sori, depending on if righty or lefty is pitching. Forget Drew. Cashman is in his last year of contract and Hal still wants salary cuts. If not this year than next. Cervelli to Seattle for Nick Franklin who is 22 & hit 14 hrs in rookie yr. Remember, Seattle needs a catcher which is Yanks only strength.

  9. Balt Yank says:

    The Yanks should be realistic and bat Jeter down and also at 3rd. My lineup is:

    1 Ellsbury
    2 Gardner
    3 Beltran
    4 Tex
    5 Soriano
    6 Jeter 3rd
    7 Mcann
    8 SS Dude whatever his name is
    9 Roberts / Johnson 2nd

    • McCann will be in the middle of the line-up barring injury. He is arguably (and it's an easy argument) the best hitting Catcher in MLB and a lefty power hitter who will hit a ton of HR's at the Stadium barring injury.

      Ryan (the guy you have hitting 8th) is Jeter's caddy, they won't both start unless they can add an above average hitter at 2nd (if not Phillips they may try to see what it takes to pry Howie Kendrick from the Angels) or sign Drew. Jeter should not be the starting SS but will be. I don''t see anyway he is on the field for more than 85 starts and if he is going to hit 2nd, let him earn it. I think we all appreciate that the man has 5 rings and is one season removed from leading the AL in hits in 2012, but there is no way of knowing if the ankle will hold up and if the toll the injury and his age have beaten him down to a bench player. And the SS issue is really surprising to me. I know about pride and a huge chunk of pride is putting the team first. His range at short was one of the few weakness' he had pre-2012. Now it is a huge defensive liability. Hope he can still give the Yanks .275 and an OBA of .300 at the plate.

  10. Rich Bruning says:

    I'm a life-long Yankee fan. I grew up down there. I now live on Cape Cod so I get to see a lot of Red Sox games. I always thought it would be perfect to have Ellsbury batting lead-off for the Yankees. The next time it's the bottom of the ninth of a tie game & Ellsbury is on second, then he scores standing up on a single to left you'll think he's perfect for the Yankees too. He's an excellent base runner who reads the ball off the bat very well. He's going to change the way the Yankees win. They won't have to rely on 3-run homers all the time. Not the strongest arm, but he can really go & get the ball. The gap in left center is going to be very small with Ellsbury & Gardner out there.

  11. hotdog says:

    Drew would be a coup but we'd be giving up another draft choice…is that correct?

  12. Michael R says:

    Concentrate on the bullpen. Pitching wins games. I agree with batting Jeter down and him playing 3B but it won't happen. It's the image you know.

  13. tomy cassella says:

    i wish the yanks would just stop talking about getting stephen drew and just go and get him.

  14. stoogazzo says:

    Why should the Yankees be interested in Stephen Drew? They have an abundance of shortstops and middle infielders in their illustrious farm system!

  15. hugo says:

    un jugador de cuadro no les cae mal a los yankes pero estoy seguro que nesecitan mas un cerrador de experiencia , me gusta Robertson pero no creo que sea el cerrador estelar ya lo probaron una vez y no dio la talla

  16. Ron Losacano says:

    We need drew more in the field more than at the plate. Plus, he will be reliable in the middle infield, and there's a good chance he wouldn't get hurt at all. So we need him because he is a good defender to rely on in the field and can be key in offensive situations with runners on base. I mean he did help the Red Sox win the World Series.. Didn't he??

  17. Jeter#2CaptainClutch says:

    I have faith in the captain Derek is determined to silence the critics an have a Jeter like season I say Jeter staying at short and a cheaper option for third will be Michael Young as for second I have a feeling Brian Roberts will stick it to the orioles so my lineup would be
    1 Ellsbury
    2 Jeter
    3 Beltran
    4 Texaira
    5 Gardner
    6 McCann
    7 Nunez or (Young if the yankees where to sign him)
    8 Soriano
    9 Roberts

  18. tomy cassella says:

    yanks had an abundance of shortstops, then why are they even thinking of getting stephen drew.?

  19. tomy cassella says:

    if the yanks had an abundance of shortstops, then you would'nt even hear the name of stephen drew.

  20. Balt Yank says:

    I like the mike young idea; tried to get him last year, didn't we.

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