Sabathia happy Yankees have a “pair of aces”


CC Sabathia has always been known as the workhorse of the staff and the Yankees ace, ever since he signed with the team in the 2008-2009 offseason. Now, Sabathia has to share the stage with the newest Yankee, Masahiro Tanaka. Sabathia doesn’t mind sharing the role of ace with the young Japanese star, and is even excited about pitching alongside him.

“I’m excited to see what he brings to the team,” Sabathia told The Post at an Airbnb and Roc Nation Super Bowl event Wednesday night in Manhattan. “Anybody who goes 24-0 with a below-2.00 ERA is pretty good, so I am excited to see what happens this year.

“Any time you’ve got a couple of aces — or even Hiro [Kuroda] on the staff, and even if [Ivan] Nova steps up — that is only going to make us better. I am coming back healthy and ready to go, so I’m excited.”

Although Sabathia had a 4.78 ERA  in 2013, he believes he’ll come back stronger than ever now that he’s able to do his full offseason workout. Sabathia focused on losing weight last offseason. This offseason, it’s been about building strength.

“Last year, I lost a lot of weight, so I kind of lost a little bit of power,” Sabathia said. “This year it’s all been strength building and worrying about getting better and stronger, so I feel pretty good.”

Sabathia also believes the Yankees are strong contenders for the 2014 World Series trophy, after the Yankees spent $503 Million to replace players that either hit the free agent market or retired.

“You look at who we signed, we’ve got Carlos Beltran and Jacoby Ellsbury addressing the outfield,” Sabathia said. “We’ve got [Brian] McCann behind the plate. I’m excited for this team and where we can go and the possibilities. Keeping healthy for a whole year, I think it will make a big difference.”


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  1. Matthew says:

    Until proven on the field this year, neither are aces.

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