Source: Yankees ask Padres about trade for infielder 18

Logan Forsythe

The Yankees aren’t done with the offseason just yet, and they might make a move via trade.

The Yankees have recently inquired the San Diego Padres about the possibility of trading for some infield depth says Jon Morosi of FOX Sports. Morosi believes the most realistic target for a utility man would be Logan Forsythe. The Yankees would be unable to bring in someone such as Chase Headley because the farm system does not have enough pieces to swing a trade for Headley.

If the Yankees were able to acquire Forsythe, he could be a platoon player with Kelly Johnson against left handed pitching, although in Johnson’s career he’s had slightly better luck against southpaws than right handed pitching. Forsythe could also be insurance to Brian Roberts, who has seen his entire career at 2B.

From 2011-2013, Forsythe hit .241/.310/.349 and he’s swiped 11 bases in that time period. Although Forsythe had a good 2012 season with a .273/.343/.390 slash, he had some difficulty in 2013, hitting .214/.281/.332.

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  • Balt Yank

    This story reminds me of last year. Brian Roberts, Kelly Johnson, and Logan Forsythe are not solutions. If the Yanks don't have minor league players to trade for Chris Headley (hit 250, with 50 rbis in 2013), they have nothing. Play Jeter at 3rd, where his ankle will be taxed less, that 210 hitter we have at SS, Kelly Johnson / Brian Roberts at 2nd, and Tex at 1st and just live with it. I like Marc Reynolds. At least he might hit 20 homers in a full season.

  • DKB

    It's not pride with jeter at this stage of his career, he just not suited to be a third basement. Coming off the injuries of last year and to learn another position puts us behind the curve. So less go into the season with jeter learning third base, a career 240 hitter in ryan at SS and what ever paltoon system at second base.Beside Cashmen looks at corner position as a position of power which jeter can not provide. If jeter is ready to play he is the glue for the rest of the infield.

  • Yankees fan

    I agree with DKB Jetter is not suited to play 3 rd they need to get Mark Reynolds or another 3 rd baseman that can hit decent.

  • gametime2014

    You really need to update your banner at the top of the page there. Mr. Gummy, retired, Mr. Met and the $240 million dollar man. : )

  • firstbasecoach22

    I always shudder when I hear utility man. All I read is guy who probably shouldn't be in the bigs but has somehow landed a part time gig.

  • Willie Wonka

    The Yanks will solve the 2B issue once the Tanaka signs. If Tanaka goes with NY, Gardner is traded for a quality MI. If Tanaka goes somewhere else, the Yanks will look for an SP and live with their current 2B options. It all depends on what Tanaka does.

  • Dave Guarnieri

    Brett Gardner–if they value him so much, and are as excited as they claim with him and Elsbury hitting back to back, why not extend his contract NOW as he is up for arbitration? In this case, they won't do that because Gardner will be relatively cheap this season, ditto David Robertson……. have to keep that payroll down to pay Elsbury's absurd contract while keeping in place plan 189!

    Brian McCann was a great, albeit obvious move and Carlos Beltran was a good but "runner-up" deal since some of the Yankee faithful (also known as paying customers) were not thrilled to see the 2013 offensive output walk to Seattle. From the looks of things, they pretty much intend to stay with what they have (when is the last time they missed the play-offs 2 years in a row—-1992 and 1993 I believe) and be an 85 win team and a Wild Card tease. Even with that mess they call an infield, they should be able to contend, which is enough to draw comparatively well and stay under the 189. The HOPE for 2014 is for the Yanks to stay healthy, be within 5 games of first place at the end of August and THEN possibly add a Cliff Lee and/or Adrian Beltre. They will accomplish saving $$$$ (as in staying under 189) by only having to pay a third on big contracts on newbies the ilk of Lee and Beltre. In the meantime, they will do the usual and let Gardner and David Robertson become FA's because the Yankees don't negoitiate or lock-in FA's to be during the season.

    That looks like the Method of Operation to me……… Of course, this aging team could be battered, bleeding and 35 games out by August, and Hal will be making phone calls to Stump Merrill, Matt Nokes and Spike Owen..

  • JSkillet

    I'm a big fan of Cliff Lee and Beltre as much as the next guy..but I believe that in the next year or two..the Yankees should be looking into fielding positions with homegrown guys..Maybe thats just my being hopeful…but I believe we have some potential superstars in the making in our system that are going un-utilized.

  • Yankees fan

    Adrian Beltre may indeed be old but 30 hrs a year if Beltre is traded the Yankees will be first in line and I would not blame them as for Cliff Lee it would be cool to see him as a Yankee but unfortunately he is old as mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 said.

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