Source: Yankees consider Young along with Reynolds for 3B option

Michael Young 2

As everyone continues to wait for decision in Alex Rodriguez‘s appeal case, the Yankees are thinking ahead in case A-Rod is out for an extended amount of time.

A source told ESPN New York that the Yankees were considering re-signing Mark Reynolds or signing Michael Young should the ban be upheld in A-Rod’s case.

If the Yankees re-acquire Reynolds, Reynolds could form a powerful platoon with Kelly Johnson although there wouldn’t be much defense between the two. If the Yankees acquire Young, he would be a better defensive third basemen but there won’t be much pop in his bat; he hit 8 HR’s with 46 RBI’s in 147 games in 2013.

The Yankees most likely won’t make a move concerning third base once they hear the decision on A-Rod’s case, and they might wait until the Masahiro Tanaka Sweepstakes are over.  But it never hurts to be prepared if A-Rod ends up missing a significant amount of time.

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5 Responses to Source: Yankees consider Young along with Reynolds for 3B option

  1. Yankees fan says:

    Young is defensively better as Reynolds is offensively better I say Reynolds they could use offense and defence Enduaro Nunez could play defence for 40 percent as Reynolds will Nast a few out of the park!

  2. @Jim_Catfish says:

    So what you are saying is Young gets at least as many homers as arod, if not more.


  4. Yankees fan says:

    Young could work but I see more of a return in Mark Reynolds. If Mark Texaria is still not 100 percent ready Reynolds can fill in there too.

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