Source: Yankees offer Reynolds a contract, but Reynolds declines 23

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Well if you were rooting for Mark Reynolds to return to the Yankees, it might not happen–or it might take a Major League contract to do so.

According to Mark Feinsand of the Daily News, a source close to him said the Yankees offered a minor-league deal to Reynolds which included an invitation to Spring Training. Reynolds and his agent declined the contract offer, which means the Yankees might have to look elsewhere for a replacement third basemen..

Yesterday on the blog, I wrote how the Yankees were also interested in Michael Young, so if Reynolds doesn’t re-sign with the Yankees, then Young could be the next readily available option.

On a side and personal note, I think the Young signing would be a great deal. He offers Gold Glove defense, he’s a good hitter and he’s actually one of the few players I can already imagine in pinstripes. (Sorry, Jacoby Ellsbury. I just didn’t see it until you actually put on the pinstripes).

23 thoughts on “Source: Yankees offer Reynolds a contract, but Reynolds declines

  • Yankeesavant

    Since when is young a gold glove caliber defender? Do you even follow baseball? Isn't his glove the reason Texas made him the DH? He may be serviceable, but he also lacks pop at his age.

  • Big Al

    In Young maybe they're trying to duplicate what Brosius did for them a veteran player who had some success , in the twilight of their career get rejuvenated and get a couple good years out of him.

  • Rob Abruzzese

    Sorry, but I have to point out that Michael Young is a BAD defensive 3rd baseman. Over the last five years his Total Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) have been -15, -11, -3, -6, -20. His UZR at third base in the same span: -8.4, -5.3, -1.6, -5.6, -14.0.

    The Gold Glove is a joke of an award. It's basically a popularity contest among coaches.

  • Mike Sommer

    Worried about Young and his age. In Jeter and A-Rod, you would have had a SS turning 40 in June and a 3B turning 39 in July. Replacing A-rod with Young doesn't help the age or range issue much regarding that left side of the infield.

  • Robert B

    Young will change his name to Old… He can still hit but he can't catch. Sizemore is a better alternative, at least with the glove.

  • yankeeman

    Let me understand what kind of offer this is to Reynolds. IT'S BULL-S–T. The guy can play adecent 3rd and a decent 1st base if needed and he hits HR,s. Cashy/Yanks didn't mind Granderson striking out 200+ times a year. He was an iffy CF. Young is kinda like Jeter on a quick downhill slide.. Jeter may play 50 to 100 (instead of 17) games this year between SS & DH if the Yanks are lucky. As for TEX, who knows? He got HURT BAD hitting off a TEE for goodness sake. He ain't got any staying power in my eyes.So far with the Yanks TEX has been all hat and no saddle. The Yanks could have saved a bunch of money to buy a decent SS if they would have offered Jeter a MINOR LEAGUE contract, the same as Reynolds.

  • Yankees fan

    Give Mark Reynolds a major league contract areay. Like Yankeeman said he can play decent 1st and 3rd and lots of home runs give him 4 – 5 mill.

  • rose heller

    why the hell would the yanks offer Reynolds a minor league contract? they are acting like a minor league organization. hell, the man is good for at least twenty home runs. so he does'nt field as good as nettles. so what, nobody does.

  • Dave Guarnieri

    About the whole "whos on third" dilemma. How does Kelly Johnson either the full time guy, or left hand hitting platoon guy? In 7 Major League seasons he has played 16 games at third base. Of course, there is always Yanervis Solarte.

  • Yankees fan

    Sign Reynolds and have Kelly Johnson play 45 percent defence so Mark Reynolds is no pressured. If Mark Texaria can't play for I don't know say the 20 first games of the season because of his wrist injury Reynolds would be a grate replacement if the Yankees sign Tanaka and Reynolds that would be a good offseason get Reynolds and Tanaka and anything short of the playoffs is terrible GO YANKEES!

  • mikefoxtrot

    the Yankees don't need yet another infielder of no great value. they have have a dozen such already.

    either they can get a GOOD player or they needn't bother.

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