Steinbrenner endorses Robertson as next Yankees closer 25

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Even before Mariano Rivera decided to retire following the 2013 season, the Yankees have toyed with the idea of having David Robertson as Rivera’s successor to the closing throne. The move would have made sense; throughout the 2013 season, Robertson followed Rivera around, he even had a locker next to Rivera’s, taking in every ounce of knowledge with hope that one day he would take over Rivera’s role. Of course when Rivera actually retired and the 2013 offseason began, the Yankees briefly looked at the options that were available on the market for a Major League closer. With less than a month to go before Spring Training, Hal Steinbrenner made an endorsement; he believes David Robertson should be the next closer of the organization.

“We’re going to rely on [David] Robertson. I’m sure he’ll do a good job for us.” Steinbrenner told the New York Post.

Although Robertson should get the closer role, it could be up to Joe Girardi to decide whether Robertson will get the role. So, will Joe Girardi agree with Steinbrenner’s endorsement and make Robertson the new Yankees closer?

“I think you’ll have to ask [Joe] Girardi that, but that’s my understanding. He’s [David Robertson] the number one candidate. Rightfully so.”

It doesn’t sound as if the Yankees will sign a closer off the free agent market to immediately take over the closer role, but the team might wait until Spring Training to decide whether Robertson is ready to fill Rivera’s shoes.

25 thoughts on “Steinbrenner endorses Robertson as next Yankees closer

  • Rob Abruzzese

    I don't understand, and haven't understood, why this is an issue. The guy is better than 95 percent of the closers out there. Signing another closer would help the bullpen depth, but it would be a downgrade in the 9th inning.

  • Yankees fan

    Robertson has a nasty curve but he pitches way to much Grant Balfour would be a better closing pitcher.

  • Mike

    id till sign balfour even if robertson is the closer bc i think alot of teams are staying away from balfour and the yankees will be able to get him cheap and he will proboly accept a set up job

  • Balt Yank

    Yanks should let D ROB close and should sign him up to a multiyear deal now. Worst case scenario is D ROB is the best setup man in baseball, or at least top 3-5. Yanks should stay under the 189 mark this year, forget about Japanese imports, and sign Marc Reynolds for 3rd base w/ rest of the money. Dude can hit 220 20 homes 70 rbis I bet. Better than Nunez.

  • Balt Yank

    I guess this debate is another reason the Ellsbury signing makes no sense. Rather, we could have extended Gardner, Robertson, and gotten an Arroyo type back of the rotation dependable starter, all for less. Of course, Gardner's injury history makes him uncertain . . . like Ellsbury. LOL.

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