Teams submit official bids in Tanaka Sweepstakes 4

Masahiro Tanaka 4

It’s extremely hard to translate an entire Japanese article into Google Translator (believe me, I tried before), but the gist I got from this latest article were that teams were submitting official offers for Masahiro Tanaka.

Teams have given offers of 6 years, $100 Million (including the Yankees) and now it would be time to play the waiting game. Earlier reports suggested the Yankees and the Dodgers were the heavy favorites to win the Tanaka Sweepstakes and you have to wonder if the Dodgers are completely in play now that they’ve signed Clayton Kershaw to a multi-year deal worth $250 Million. I would imagine the Dodgers are still in the Tanaka sweepstakes, but the Yankees seem to be the ones that are vigorously trying to sign him.

The deadline for Tanaka’s decision is Friday.

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