What can the Yankees do with their club going into Spring Training?


It’s exactly two weeks from today that pitchers, catchers and injured players report for Spring Training and the Yankees have been quite busy this offseason. They signed Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann and the biggest prize of them all, Masahiro Tanaka. They appointed David Robertson the new closer, re-signed Derek Jeter for another year and took care of their arbitration cases. The Yankees handled of a lot this offseason, but there’s still work to be done. What are some things the Yankees can do as they prepare to head to Spring Training on February 14th?

1. Add to the bullpen: Unless you plan on making Preston Claiborne, Shawn Kelley and David Robertson pitch every single night, a three man bullpen is not going to work. What was once their strength is now their main weakness. The Yankees could consider signing another reliever, or they could go take a look at some of the Triple-A guys, hoping one of them can make the ball club with a good spring.

2. Find a backup first basemen: As of right now, it seems the Yankees are heavily relying on Mark Teixeira to stay healthy and play majority of the season at first base. But what if Teixeira isn’t healthy by the time Opening Day rolls around? The Yankees don’t have a first basemen ready in the farm system and they certainly don’t have a legit backup first basemen on the bench. Do the Yankees trade for one or do they sign one from the free agent market? So many questions, so little answers.

3. Be realistic about second base: Whoever you put at second base this season isn’t going to be Robinson Cano. They’re not going to hit 30 home runs every year and they’re not going to drive in 100 runs. Luckily, the Yankees have other power sources so second base might not be a major issue. But if the Yankees give the every day second base job to Brian Roberts, can they really expect him to be healthy all throughout 2014? He has a long list of injuries, which was what drew up a warning flag for me when I heard the Yankees signed him. Brian Roberts is the Travis Hafner signing, Part 2: if he’s healthy, he’ll be very good for your ball club. If he’s injured all the time, you’ll rarely see him and he’ll take up space on the DL. 

4. Find a platoon at third base for Kelly JohnsonLet’s be realistic here, Kelly Johnson cannot play all 162 games at third base. It’s possible the Yankees can find someone to platoon Johnson within the organization, but it’s also possible they might have to look elsewhere if none of the talent can impress the coaching staff. They’re not going to have Alex Rodriguez (which was possibly a blessing in disguise since they had enough money to sign Tanaka), but third base is going to be another huge question mark as the team prepares for the season.

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14 Responses to What can the Yankees do with their club going into Spring Training?

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    1) Cabral, Thornton, Phelps, Banuelos
    2) I wouldn't be surprised to see them try McCann here, especially if he has a decent year with the bat.
    3) Dean Anna, Corban Joseph. They're going cheap this year in the INF.
    4) We will see a lot of, steady now, Eduardo Nunez at 3B. He's young and healthy, and well, that's about it.

    The solution is to move our no-range, soon to be 40 year old SS to 3B, go with Ryan and his great glove at SS, and install a turnstile at 2B.

  2. Mike Sommer says:

    I am thinking outside the box here. I would have Jeter taking some infield practice at 1B in spring training. At 40, his range may be even more limited (as Tanned Tom states, our no-range, soon to be 40 yr. old, esp. after the ankle surgery). Yes, he would be at SS or DH most of the season. But if something happens to Teix, he goes to 1B. Ryan, probably a better defensive SS than Jeter right now, would be at SS.

    • I like the idea of Jeter much more at 1st base than 3rd base. People keep bringing up Cal Ripken when talking about moving Jeter to third, but Ripken wasn't walking around with cement on his feet coming off a major injury when he transitioned.

  3. Mike says:

    Anna batted .338 last yr in tripleA…why would the Padres ever give up on him….hell be the opening day 2nd basemen thats what i think

  4. SkinnyMikeAxisa says:

    Actually Mike, Anna hit .331 in AAA…

  5. Alan Rinfret says:

    You're one of those people who quable over five cents at a check out line. Leaving the five people behind you to wait until the cashier gives up.

  6. Yankees fan says:

    The Yankees should have been smart and sigh 1b Lyle Overbay they could have got him " dirt cheap". They need more relulyibuility at 3rd sad to say there are no decent 3rd basemen left on the free agent market. Padlo Pilanco and Brandon Ingde suck.

  7. olie says:

    The messed up with Reynolds, a power hitting 3rd baseman that can play 1st!

  8. Yankees fan says:

    No they REALY REALY screwed up on Mark Reynolds!

  9. Michael R says:

    Pretty much agree with TT on this one. Jeter to 3rd and rotate at 2nd depending on who's hot (or tepid anyway).

  10. Yankees fan says:

    Jetter first off would never play 3b I say have Kelly Johnson and Enduaro Nunez play the first 40 games and see how it goes if bad then try trading for a better 3b men or just sign Padlo Pilanco or Brandon Indge befor the season begins best part about them is they booth can play 2b if Brian Roberts gets injured. There are still 2 problems left a relif pitcher and a back up 1b I say sign Carlos Marmol or Kevin Gregg then for 1b trade worthless players they don't need for Lyle Overbay or another cheap but decent 1b man.

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