Yankees designate Vernon Wells for assignment

Vernon Wells

I guess the Bronx will no longer be Vernon.

According to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Yankees designated Vernon Wells for assignment in order to create room on the 40-man roster. In a response to the news, Wells tweeted:

Thank you @Yankees for the opportunity to be a part of such a storied franchise.

With the signings of Matt ThorntonĀ and Brian Roberts (who currently are not on the 40-man as their signings aren’t official), there just wasn’t enough room for Wells on the team. Wells had a great April/May last season but he hadn’t hit for the rest of the 2013 campaign and seemed he was taking up some room on a depleted roster.

Although the Yankees removed Wells from their team, they are still trying to look to trade Ichiro Suzuki in order to get his contract off the books. Ichiro is owed $6.5 Million in 2014.

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7 Responses to Yankees designate Vernon Wells for assignment

  1. hotdog says:

    if Wells is da'd and someone picks him up, do they pay the amount owed on his contract or is another contract negotiated with the Yankees still paying Wells what they owe him?

  2. Michael R says:

    He's a class act and a good guy in the clubhouse. He will make someone a good coach I think.

  3. kent says:

    yanks pay less than the $2.1MM they owe on the contract, but not by much. If a team picks him up, the team can have him for league minimum of $500k, so Yanks are on the hook for the rest.

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