Young out of mix for possible 3B solution

Michael Young

If you were hoping for the Yankees to sign Michael Young to replace Alex Rodriguez in 2014–well, it’s not going to happen.

According to the Los Angeles Times, if Young wasn’t going to retire, he would only consider returning to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“As far as baseball is concerned, the Dodgers are it for me.” Young said.

Although Brian Cashman has said the Yankees were most likely done spending, it was still a nice thought to have Michael Young in the fold with Kelly Johnson. The Yankees currently have Eduardo Nunez, Scott Sizemore, Russ Canzler (and many others) coming into Spring Training to compete for a chance to play third base.

If the Yankees are open to doing small deals, they could consider Jeff Baker (who is a free agent) on a minor league contract with an invite to Spring Training. It wouldn’t hurt to see what some of the free agents that are left on the market can do before the Yankees are ready to commit.

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6 Responses to Young out of mix for possible 3B solution

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Fine with me, the guy can't field and has no power left.

  2. murphy371 says:

    I really think the Yanks made a mistake letting Mark Reynolds go. He could have filled the whole at 3rd and at 1st for resting Tex , and should there be any physical issues. MR did pretty well filling in last year, and he wasn't much of a defensive liability. I think Yanks should try to get him back.

    • Reynolds is gone, it might have been a mistake, but try not to get too upset over him because he wasn't that good. First of all, he was a defensive liability — he had a -10.4 UZR last season and was worth -6 defensive runs saved. Over the last three years he hit .221/.321/.438 with a 30.6 K%.

      Like I said, it would have been nice to have seen him stay, but that kind of production is replaceable. Don't spend too much time thinking about what could have been.

      • yankeeman says:

        I agree with murphy371. Tell us oh wise one, who will fill in for TEX at 1st when he can't play a full game. At 3rd and 1st Reynold's was not as bad as you want us to believe. In your mind, who on the market will the Yanks find/ use? At least Reynolds has some pop in his bat…

        • I don't know who they'll end up getting as backup. Cashman will likely invite a lot of veterans to spring training and have them battle it out. Remember, they didn't even get Lyle Overbay until the very end of spring training.

          The thing about Reynolds is that all of the pros people list as to reasons why they should have kept him aren't that great. You say he wasn't that bad defensively, but he was. He wasn't Nunez bad, but he was one of the worst defensive players the Yankees had all year last season. And as for his pop, well he has a .438 slugging percentage over the last three years. That's not terrible, but I'm sure that any of the veterans that Cashman brings in will be capable of replicating that.

          • yankeeman says:

            You didn't answer my question. Who will play 1st base when TEX hurts himself again hitting off a TEE??. The Yanks are relying on TEX and JETER, but between them they played a total of 35 games in 2013.

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