Beltran hopes Yankees finish 2014 season with a World Series win

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Carlos Beltran and the New York Yankees seem to be perfect for one another.

Beltran is making $45 Million, but that’s only a small percentage of the Yankees wild shopping spree during the offseason. The Yankees spent approximately $503 Million in an effort to improve their ball club after missing the postseason in 2013.

“Of course we have to win,” Beltran said Monday. “I don’t know how far we will go, but at least we have to do something positive, better than what they did last year, no doubt about that.

“They went out and spent a lot of money on players to try to improve the ballclub,” he later added. “Our mentality is just to try to go as far as we can this year.”

Beltran has been to the World Series before, last October while he was with the St. Louis Cardinals. Unfortunately, Beltran has never won a World Series ring and the Boston Red Sox made sure of that.

The signing of Beltran came after Robinson Cano took a $240 Million offer from the Seattle Mariners. Beltran was the third Yankees signed this offseason, followed by Jacoby Ellsbury and Brian McCann, who’s contracts combined equal a whopping $238 Million. Finally, the Yankees added Masahiro Tanaka for $155 Million, completing their offseason spending with a chance to compete in October.

“It’s going to be an exciting time for us,” Beltran said. “After last year, the organization felt that last year they fell short. They felt that adding priorities like McCann, Ellsbury, myself and the other guys that they signed — I feel personally that our club has a good chance. I know it’s going to be hard, because the American League East is a strong division, but we feel personally that on paper, we have a good team.”

Beltran didn’t wear his full uniform while doing batting practice yesterday, but he fully understands the importance of the Yankees pinstripes.

“Tradition-wise, many good players have put on this uniform,” Beltran said. “For me to be part of that history, it feels great. I’m happy and looking forward to doing my job.”

Some Notes and Tidbits:

— A huge reminder: Derek Jeter‘s press conference will be at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow and it will broadcast on the YES Network. Another reminder, position players report tomorrow. Finally we’ll get a glimpse of Jacoby Ellsbury in pinstripes as he’s the only new Yankee to not wear them in camp yet.

— The Yankees starters are throwing bullpen sessions today. Ivan Nova was the only starter to throw live batting practice. Sounds like Nova is slightly ahead of schedule.

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