CC Sabathia encouraged by his mechanics and strength


In 2003, CC Sabathia went to see Dr. James Andrews in Alabama to have his mechanics analyzed and stored in Andrew’s database. Ten years later, Sabathia returned to Andrews’s office in Alabama to have his mechanics analyzed and compared to his older tests.

“It’s the same as it was 10 years ago,” Sabathia said. “… Pretty much, except the rotation in my hips. You get old. You get bad hips when you get old, right?”

Sabathia admitted he threw with a different elbow angle in 2012 to compensate with his elbow soreness, but now feels better this Spring than in years past. He also said it was ‘everybody’s’ idea for him to return to Andrews’s clinic to have his mechanics analyzed.

“It’s just strength,” Sabathia said. “I’ve been doing a lot of long toss this year, and like I said, I threw all offseason. I’m ahead of where I was last spring, maybe even the spring before, just from all the work I’ve been doing. I’m encouraged by the way I feel. My arm angle seems to be good, getting the ball out. My arm just needs to catch up with the rest of my body.”

Sabathia implied he didn’t throw enough strikes during his bullpen today, but it shouldn’t be much of a concern as the Spring goes on.

“I still have a long way to go and still have some work to do,” Sabathia said. “But I feel good.”


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