Could Emilio Bonifacio be an option for the Yankees?

Emilio Bonifacio

Earlier today, the Kansas City Royals made the Bruce Chen signing official and they needed to clear a spot on the 40 man roster. In a corresponding move, Emilio Bonifacio was designated for assignment. When he was DFA’d, my first thought (as well as River Avenue Blues writer Mike Axsia’s) was if he could be a good fit for the Yankees. There are pros and cons in considering Bonifacio, as there are with any player, so let’s take a few minutes to weigh them out.

PROS: Let’s start off with the fact he’s 29. He’s not a player that’s about to turn 40 years old and is on the verge of retirement. He’s played almost every position on the diamond and has experience at second and third base, a position the Yankees need help with. He doesn’t have a draft pick attached to him and there would be no prospect sacrifice if the Yankees acquired him.

CONS: He’s nothing more than a role player. Aside from 2011, he hasn’t been very good offensively. He hits right handed hitters better than left handed hitters, but the Yankees desperately need a left hand hitter. To top it off, he’s scheduled to make $3.5 Million in 2014, so he would be a role player that wouldn’t come cheap.

Would he be worth giving a look? Maybe, but the Yankees would have to consider his hefty price tag for being a reserve player. The Yankees have far too many reserve players coming to camp to try to earn a spot on the 25 man roster. If the Yankees don’t have room for him, they could cut him and I’d imagine his contract would still be non-guaranteed. I’ll admit he’s versatile, he’s young and he’s fast but he’s been from team to team simply because he’s a player that’s there simply to pinch-run or play a position when a regular needs a day off or is injured. He could be an option for the Yankees, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees passed up the opportunity and decided to stick with the players they have.

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12 Responses to Could Emilio Bonifacio be an option for the Yankees?

  1. Mariano Duncan says:

    Need to get a back up first baseman and some bulpen help. They already have a bunch of guys just like Bonifacio, don't need another one. I'd pass….

  2. olie says:

    I live in Canada and watched him play with the Jays. No No No No !

  3. Yankees fan says:

    What options would they have considering there are no good 1b exsept for Kendres Morals but I don't see them paying a lot and give up a first round draft pick. If they were to get him the line up would look like this… 1b Kendres Morels / Mark Tixaria
    2b Brian Roberts
    3b Kelly Jhonson/ Enduaro Nunez
    SS Derek Jetter/ Brenden Ryan
    RF Carlos Beltran/Ichro Suzuki
    CF Jacoby Ellusberry/ Brett Gardner
    LF Alfonso Soriono/Zolio Almonte
    DH Alfonso Soriono/ Carlos Beltran /Kendres Morels and Derek Jetter
    C Brian McCanon/Fransico Cerveli
    Adding Kendres Morals would create too many DHs the only way the Yankees should sign him is if he can play a little 3b.

    • Are you kidding me? Do you really think that Gardner would be the 4th outfielder, when batting the priority would be for the other 3 guys but one of Beltran and Soriano would be the DH and they'll need a few days off, You can't waste Gardner defensive skills.

    • Gardner is an every day starting outfielder. He will play, if healthy, 140-150 games. There is no debate about this.

  4. Yankees fan says:

    Put him at LF then.

  5. Yankees fan says:

    Ichiro Suzuki is the 4th outfielder.

  6. Yankees fan says:

    It was a type o god is that how you judge people?

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