David Phelps says Derek Jeter ‘looks amazing’ during workouts

New York Yankees relief pitcher David Phelps

David Phelps spent the last three days at the Yankees minor league complex getting ready for the 2014 season. Although Phelps has been focusing on himself, he did take time to notice Derek Jeter, and one thing popped out to him as he observed his teammate:

“Derek (Jeter) looks amazing. That’s awesome.”

Phelps feels that after a year without Jeter, the Yankees will finally have their iconic shortstop back.

“You can tell he’s determined to go out there and do well,” Phelps said to the New York Daily News on Wednesday. “If you had to place a bet on it, you know he’s going to go out there and have a good year. I’m really looking forward to seeing him play again. He’s having a lot of fun right now.”

One of Phelps’s teammates at the minor league complex told him that Jeter was hitting the ball hard on all four fields. Phelps responded, “He’s got his foundation under him again.”

“It’s great to see. Our team, he’s been the backbone for so long. He’s the only one of the Core Four left going and he means a lot to this organization. We do a lot better when he’s in our lineup. You look in the past, this team’s usually only as strong as he is. It’s going to be nice having him back there behind us.”

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6 Responses to David Phelps says Derek Jeter ‘looks amazing’ during workouts

  1. tom says:

    Hannah Davis out and David Phelps in? lol.

    let's hope Jeter doesn't suffer any simple setback.

  2. Word boy says:

    Word to the Jete!

  3. Pablo Ferreira says:

    Maybe time to take Cano off the Page Header?

    • Yankees fan says:

      And sadly Mariano Rivera too …….………………. Screw it keep him on he is toooooooo bueno

  4. Jeff Stern says:

    according to all the pundits, hot stove managers, and fantasy guru's Jete is to slow, to old, to weak, doesn't have good range, bat speed is gone, Etc Etc, Only trouble is that he just keeps on keeping on and making plays that other better shortstops just don't seem to make. Long Live the King.

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