Details on Brett Gardner’s extension

Brett Gardner 7

As we all know, earlier today the Yankees decided to extend Brett Gardner with a four year deal worth $52 Million. While we know the basics, we should dig deeper and analyze the new contract a bit further.

— Gardner has a fifth year option in his contract which could extend the deal to 2019. If the Yankees do pick up Gardner’s $12.5 Million option for 2019, he’ll be on the team as long as Yankees catcher Brian McCann

— The contract does not have a no-trade clause. If the Yankees decide to trade Gardner in the future, the Yankees would have to give him a $1 Million bonus.

— Gardner makes more than Michael Bourn, who he has been compared to in the past. Cashman used the Gardner and Bourn contract as a comparison, stating the free agent market is generating larger contracts year after year. It explains why Gardner gets more money than Bourn.

— The contract will start in 2015, so the extension won’t go towards the luxury tax this season. Gardner’s guaranteed amount is $5.6 Million for the 2014 season meaning that value will be calculated in the luxury tax. Gardner’s AAV value will increase after the 2014 season.