Hideki Matsui to be a guest instructor

Hideki Matsui

Ladies and Gentlemen, Godzilla is back!

Well, not to play in a game but Hideki Matsui will be a guest hitting instructor for the Yankees this Spring. The Yankees offered him the position last season but Matsui deferred due to the birth of his child.

Although Matsui won’t come out of retirement, his presence will be huge, especially since he played a fundamental role in the Yankees signing Masahiro Tanaka.

Matsui will stay with the team until Spring Training games begin.

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3 Responses to Hideki Matsui to be a guest instructor

  1. Boby says:

    He would be better then what they have
    Did anyone ever see the batting or pitching coach in a

    Yankee uniform with their numbers ?

  2. Michael R says:

    A very positive move for the Yanks. Much like they did with Mattingly and Mantle.

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