Jeter addresses the media about retirement

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The last time the Yankees, the media and the fans had to watch a retirement press conference, it was Mariano Rivera‘s during the 2013 season. Rivera’s was somber while fans were taken aback as to how the greatest closer in baseball would want to retire from the game he loved. Derek Jeter‘s press conference was more lighthearted than Rivera’s and Jeter proved he could be a real comedian, even at one point jokingly telling his teammates they didn’t have to be there and they could leave if they had work to do.

Everyone had to wonder why Jeter decided to retire now? Why not take it year by year and see how it goes along?

I feel the time is right,” said an unemotional Jeter. “There are other things I want to do”

This is the first time Jeter spoke to the media since his Facebook post last Wednesday, where he describes what he’d like to do post-retirement. He stated he’d like to start a family, extend his business career and do more charity work without the 162 game schedule. Jeter assured everyone his retirement decision was not because of the ankle injury that limited him to just 17 games in 2013.

“Physically I feel great and I look forward to playing a full season,” Jeter said.

Jeter’s teammates all want to send Jeter out on a high note, with his sixth World Series ring, but Jeter had to revise their statements.

“I have to correct them on one thing, it is to send us all out on top,” Jeter said.

When Jeter was asked what was his favorite memory as a Yankee, Jeter mentioned every single time the Yankees won, whether it be a regular season game or a championship.

Jeter  wants to be remembered as a New York Yankee, an issue he doesn’t have to worry about since he is forever in the hearts of Yankees fans and the Yankees organization.

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5 Responses to Jeter addresses the media about retirement

  1. tom says:

    I would like to see Jeter to hit at least 184 this year. 3500 hit club sounds better for a player without power numbers.

  2. If Derek Jeter can give the Yankees 120 games at short and play C+ defense you'd have to sign for it right now. As far as his offense, .280 is, hopefully, about right. He will most likely bat second, I love the guy but he hits into so many double plays it gets painfull.

    • Jeter hasn't played C+ defense since 2009. I'd settle for a D after such a terrible ankle injury.

      • If he is that much of a liability the situation is not acceptable. Is it delusional or just plain selfish on his part to more or less insist he play short and "bat in the first inning"? This is from a guy who is supposed to be the ultimate team player.

        I hope he exceeds our expectations. If he does not, give him a First Basemen's glove. He and Teix spend more time in rehab than they do on the field.

  3. olie says:

    Playing him some games at first is not such a bad idea.If it was okay for Mickey Mantle, (The Greatest) why not Jeter?

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