Jeter will address his retirement on Wednesday

Derek Jeter 2

It was back to work for Derek Jeter today, but he didn’t go into much detail when it came to his upcoming retirement. Instead, Jeter is going to have a press conference on Wednesday to address the situation.

Jeter, who turns 40 in June, wrote a Facebook post yesterday to say the upcoming 2014 season would be his last, a move that shocked Major League Baseball and the fans. Some of Jeter’s teammates even commented on Jeter’s announcement.

Francisco Cervelli on Jeter:

“That’s his decision. With the captain, it’s an experience that I’m going to tell all my kids and the people that I know, because I think he’s the greatest player I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Larry Rothschild on Jeter:

“All I know is that when you put him in the conversation of maybe one of the greatest Yankees, I don’t know if you have to say much more than that.”

Even the Boston Red Sox got into the Jeter love fest, with them saying nothing but nice things about the captain, mostly Clay Buchholz.

Clay Buchholz on Jeter:

“There wasn’t one person in the game that disliked him in any way. He’ll get the best of everything at every park he goes through throughout the season. It’s what he deserves, too. … It’s going to be crazy. There’s not going to be any boos in that stadium. He’s going to be taken well in his farewell.”


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  1. Yankees fan says:

    See even Redsox players don't hate him that is how much he is respected as a player man. We all are going to miss him Yankees got to get Jeter one more ring. Jeter is the best SS in baseball.

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