Michael Pineda throws batting practice

New York Yankees starter Pineda warms up from mound during first inning of spring training baseball game against the Detroit Tigers in Tampa

It’s hard to blog when you don’t have your computer in front of you, but I’ll try my hardest to keep up with the news today if my phone will let me. I’ll add the visuals when I’m back in front of my computer but for now, here’s the article.

Michael Pineda threw live batting practice this morning and it was so-so. It wasn’t brilliant, but it wasn’t extremely awful either.

“The ball was coming out really good,” catcher John Ryan Murphy said. “Sometimes he tends to cut them a little bit, but that’s usually his first few warm-ups. After he starts getting through a little better, the fastball comes out really good. His command was really good today. I don’t think he’s where he thinks he should be yet, but overall he was pretty good. … (His command) was better in the bullpen. He was just a little jumpy out there on the mound I think because he was excited and anxious about his first day out there.”

It’s normal for pitchers to not have a feel for their pitches this early in the Spring but Pineda says he’s thrilled with where he is so far considering he had a limited workload last year.

“You know, you need to get ready for the game,” Pineda siad. “I’m working (during) my bullpen. Today’s my first batting practice. I’m feeling great. I’ll be ready for the game. … Pitch a pretty good game. Very impressive for those guys (on the coaching staff).”

Although Pineda was pleased with his progress, Murphy believes Pineda could do better than he did today.

“I just think I’ve seen him better than he was today,” Murphy said. “So I know he has high expectations for himself. But his arm feels good, he told me, and obviously (on) Day 1 that’s the goal. … He’s got the electric stuff. He’s got a chance to be a high-end guy. You can see his potential every pitch.”

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