Report: MLBPA wants A-Rod suit thrown out

Alex Rodriguez 10

The Major League Baseball Players Association originally had Alex Rodriguez‘s back during the arbitration process that ultimately led him to a 162-game suspension. Now it seems the bridge has been burned as they attempt to throw Rodriguez’s lawsuit out of federal court.

According to the New York Daily News, the union sent a four-page letter to U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos, with hopes the lawsuit would be dismissed. Judge Ramos then ordered Rodriguez and his lawyers to respond to the union’s letter, as well as a request by MLB to present a pre-hearing on their motion to have the lawsuit dismissed, by Friday.

Rodriguez’s lawsuit claims the Players Association defense of the player is questionable because of comments made last summer by former union chief Michael Weiner, who died in November.

Wiener told the Daily News that players should negotiate with the Players Association if there is overwhelming evidence a player used a banned substance.

“Mr. Rodriguez does not and cannot plausibly allege that this advice was unreasonable, give in bad faith or that it undermined the MLBPA’s prosecution of the grievance,” the letter said.

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