Robertson and McCann speak to the media

David Robertson 6

I mentioned in the Day 1 notes earlier this afternoon that David Robertson and Brian McCann spoke to the media. Robertson know’s he’s not really competing for the closing role and McCann spent the entire offseason studying pitchers. Here’s some final notes to end Day 1 of Spring Training.

— David Robertson isn’t in competition for the closing role, but he told the media today that he’d like to earn it instead of the Yankees just giving it to him.

“I think the biggest thing for me is going to have to be when I come into games here in spring I’m going to have to try and make pitches that I might not make in the eighth inning,” he said. “Pitch in on guys, throw breaking balls in different counts, changeups, all sorts of things. Learn to control the zone a little better. I’m definitely going to have to cut down on walks. I know I did a little better job of that last year but I’d still like to cut down even more. That’s going to be the biggest thing, is trying to focus on trying to make better pitches in spring and getting myself more prepared for when we get to Yankee Stadium and a real game is on the line.”

— Brian McCann spent majority of his offseason getting to know the pitching staff, and the Yankees even sent him an iPad full of videos so he could study his new teammates.

That’s the great thing about technology these days,” McCann said. “I mean as soon as I signed, I got an iPad in the mail two days later with everybody’s two good games (and) two bad games, (plus) all the hitters in the A.L. East. As soon as we signed Tanaka, I got all his starts. So I’ve seen it. Now I want to get to know everybody and what their mindset is.”

Someone from the media mentioned to McCann that he could be the face of the Yankees franchise once Derek Jeter retired, but McCann didn’t exactly feel the same way.

“I haven’t even played a game,” McCann said. “It’s not the case. I haven’t even put the uniform on yet. I think that word gets thrown around a little bit too much for me. No one is going to replace that guy. I got to see it first-hand with Chipper. No one is going to come in and replace Chipper Jones. It’s not happening. I think if you get guys who just play the game, whatever happens, happens.”

Some Final Tidbits

 Masahiro Tanaka threw a 25-pitch bullpen yesterday and felt encouraged by the results. It was the first time this offseason he’d thrown to a squatting catcher.

J.R. Murphy is now going by John Ryan Murphy. Personally, I liked J.R. Murphy better but hey, if that’s what he wants, okay then.

— Tomorrow is the first workout for pitchers and catchers but we can expect more players to start making their way into camp as the week goes on.

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