Sizemore comes to camp prepared to win utility role

Scott Sizemore 2

Scott Sizemore’s baseball career had been derailed for the last two seasons after tearing his ACL in both 2012 and 2013. But he comes into Yankees camp with hope he can get one of the final spots on the Yankees roster, all while completing his rehab on his knee.

“I’m definitely thinking competition mode,” Sizemore said. “But at the same time, it’s still toward the end of my rehab. I’m a little more than 10 months out (of surgery), and the normal range for an ACL is 10 to 12 months. I’m definitely able to go out there and do stuff on the field, it’s just I haven’t done it a lot. Confidence is going to come with going out there and doing more activity.”

Sizemore has opt out dates in his contract for May 1st and August 1st. Sizemore can be sent down to the minor leagues but he can opt out after a month if a better situation arises.

He admits he was was glad he came into camp wearing #24 since it was a low number, but then remembered who the number recently belonged to.

“At first I saw 24 and I was like, oh they gave me a good number,” he said. “Then I started thinking for a second, I was like, wait, that’s Cano’s number. That’s some pretty serious shoes to fill, but I’m glad they at least gave me a really good number.”

Photo Source: Rich Pilling/Getty Images North America

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