Source: Although a long shot, Yankees could use Banuelos out of the bullpen


When Manny Banuelos was promoted to Triple-A in 2011, fans expected him to breeze through and find himself with the Yankees ball club within the next year or so. Instead, Banuelos went 2-4 with a 4.32 ERA and missed the last 18 months with Tommy John Surgery.

In spite of Banuelos’s poor performance, he might be the only Yankees top prospect to have a legitimate shot to make the ball club in 2014.

“Banuelos has got that big arm,” a front office source said to ESPN New York. “If it’s still there and the lightning still strikes then you’re going see people say, ‘F— it, bring him with us [on Opening Day].'”

The Yankees farm system hasn’t seen much success in terms of bringing in players. The Yankees brought up Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, Bernie Williams and Robinson Cano and Brett Gardner from the Yankees farm system within the last 20 years. Not counting Ivan Nova and David Robertson (who are pitchers and not considered every day players), Gardner is the only Yankees player to come up from the farm system in the last decade.

“It’s not as good as we need it to be in terms of results,” Yankees GM Brian Cashman said when asked if it was fair to characterize his farm system as a bust. “There are a number of reasons behind that. At the end of the day, we’ve had some misses, without a doubt. We’ve had some guys who didn’t make their projections, who failed to cross the finish line. So basically it’s fair to criticize where we’re currently sitting.”

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9 Responses to Source: Although a long shot, Yankees could use Banuelos out of the bullpen

  1. Adamreendo says:

    For those who will pan this idea…. 2 names–
    Johann Santana…. And ….. David Price!!!

    • George says:

      So you think the Rays would trade Price to the Yanks? Even if we had major league prospects they would not trade Price within the division.

  2. Robert B says:

    I though that being at the top positions was the rrot of poor farm system, but Boston is also a perennial contender and has a great system. More recently you can think of the Cards and the Rays, that also have great farm systems…So…what is the reason?

    • Tanned Tom says:

      Perennial contender? They won last year, but MISSED THE PLAYOFFS THE 3 YEARS BEFORE THAT.
      That is not what I call a perennial contender, that's called hit and miss. And honestly, they got lucky last year. Big rebounds from Lackey and Victorino that no one was predicting. Without that they don't even make the playoffs.

  3. Yankees fan says:

    Johann Santana plz let the Yankees get him that would be cool and get rid of 2 bad relief pitchers.

  4. I just copied and paste:

    " Nice to see the Yanks organizational philosophy for developing prospects is as nuanced as a Randy Levine text message. Now that I know all decisions start with “f… it,” it definitely puts some of their past decisions in proper context. Should we be patient and try to develop joba as a starter? Ah, f… it, send him to the pen. Should we sign this igawa guy even though we have never scouted him? Ah, f… it, how bad could he be. "

  5. Michael R says:

    Good idea I think to try Banuelos out of the pen. They really need some lefties in relief.

  6. @Jim_Catfish says:

    Whats Rivera doing on that list? He didn't pitch everyday. Doesn't mean anything to me, only to you………… and thanks for sending this to me a day late…….why bother

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