Spring Training begins today!

Steinbrenner FIeld

After a long, cold winter which included a lot of spending for the Yankees, the players head to Florida as today marks the beginning of a new season. It’s not Opening Day, that’s not for another month and a half, but it is Spring Training, a time where the players get in shape and there is actual baseball on television even though the games mean nothing in the standings.

There will be many events this Spring: the competition for the fifth starter role, Derek Jeter‘s retirement announcement and the Yankees taking a trip to Panama City to play two exhibition games with the Miami Marlins. Not to mention there will be many brand new faces but there will still be a slight void since Mariano Rivera won’t be there for the first time in 19 years.

Joe Girardi will hold his annual press conference this afternoon. It was supposed to be this morning but he had traveling difficulties along with Yankees general manager Brian Cashman.

I think now is an appropriate time to say congratulations Yankees fans. We made it through another cold winter and we’re just about ready to begin a new baseball season!

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2 Responses to Spring Training begins today!

  1. Michael R says:

    I'm sorry, just one more speculation. I have to wonder whether Jeter's ankle is really up to a full season considering his retirement announcement. Sounds something akin to Tex saying his wrist isn't up to par. Are they all preparing us for terrible news in 2014???

  2. Yankees fan says:

    I don't know but Jeter realizes that he is going to be 40 and being a SS takes a toll on the body but Micheal you mite be right they told everyone that Jeter was retiring after 2014 before spring traning even stated last year Mariono Reveria told everyone before the season started and after spring training but I don't know.

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