Spring Training: Day 3 Notes

David Robertson 3

Yesterday it was the Yankees starters who took their shot at the bullpen. Today, it was the Yankees relievers to throw bullpen sessions. While eyes were on Masahiro Tanaka (who was practicing pickoffs) and Mark Teixeira (who was doing batting practice on the field), David Robertson, who will be the new Yankees closer, was throwing a bullpen session and earned the attention from reporters.

Robertson is keeping the same approach although he is the new closer. He’ll do a bullpen every three days, an appearance in a game every other day–and he cant’ skip out on road trips like Mariano Rivera could. Robertson really enjoys having Rivera as a mentor and even though Rivera isn’t on the field anymore, he’s always finds ways to playfully make fun of Robertson on becoming the new closer.

“I spoke to him once at the [Baseball Writers] dinner in January and basically he just made fun of me the whole time, like he always does,” Robertson said. “First thing he said to me was, ‘You nervous?’ But that’s just Mo, he’s been on my case, but in a good way, for the last couple of years. I’m sure that he’ll have plenty of advice for me after a I blow one.”

Rivera has given his seal of approval on the Yankees making Robertson the closer, something Robertson truly appreciates.

“That means a lot,” Robertson said. “I’ve spent a lot of time with Mariano and I think he knows what I’m capable of and he’s always told me what I’m capable of. I think I have the abilities to be the closer. It’s not proven yet. But I know in my heart I can do it, I just have to go out there and prove it to myself.”

Brendan Ryan reported to camp today, but the security guards had no idea who he was when he asked for directions to the clubhouse. The guards figured he was a reporter so he was required to show ID. That’s just one of the many bizarre things that’s going to happen this Spring. I wonder what happens tomorrow.


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