Spring Training: Day 4 Notes

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Imagine if there was a pitched sitcom idea of seven baseball players who were on different teams last year, only to be miraculously reunited in Spring Training. Well, it’s not so much of a fantasy as Brian McCann, Mark Teixeira, Brian Roberts, Brendan Ryan, Kelly Johnson, Jacoby Ellsbury and Michael Pineda are in that boat. McCann, Teixeira and Johnson were teammates in Atlanta, Roberts played with McCann in the World Baseball Classic along with working out with Ellsbury during the offseason and Ryan and Pineda know each other from Pineda’s days in Seattle (Pineda gave Ryan a huge hug today, almost crushing the poor shortstop).

It’s charming that there’s all this familiarity within the Yankees clubhouse–but it won’t be funny if there are too many question marks and Derek Jeter‘s ankle is still an issue.

Joe Girardi admits he hasn’t been asked about the outfield as much as the infield because there are far less questions about the outfield. However, he does hope Derek Jeter can stay healthy and the infield as a whole will be productive.

We expect Derek to be the everyday shortstop, but we understand there’s going to be some platoons,” Girardi said. “There’s some age in our infield, as there has been in the past. I need to give guys days off and spell them. It’s not the infield that we had in 2009 when you knew who you were going to run out there every day. But we believe that there’s a lot of capable players here that can put up offensive and defensive numbers. When you look at those numbers as a whole, they’re going to be pretty good.”

— The Yankees still need to fill the fifth rotation spot and the bullpen, but how does Girardi go through the process?

The way I look at it now, we’ll probably take what we feel will be the best starter,” Girardi said. “We feel that we have guys that are capable of being a starter or being in the bullpen and had success with both. We feel we can move those pieces around.”

— Speaking of the bullpen, Girardi said he wouldn’t hesitate bringing Michael Pineda with the team as a reliever instead of the starter the Yankees projected.

— Girardi was asked if everyone was healthy this Spring. Girardi fist pumped into the air and said, “Yeah, including me.”

— Kevin Long made some comments about Robinson Cano not running hard to first base. There was an entire article about in the New York Daily News and reporters asked Girardi to comment on the situation.

“I have discussions with all of our players about how we expect them to play the game,” Girardi said. “Robbie was a guy that we ran out there every day and we expected him to be a leader and do certain things. We all know what happened in 2008 when I approached him. As far as exact discussions that I have with my players, I’m not going to divulge them.”

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  1. Chuck K says:

    It's Kelly Johnson, not Roberts. Come on

  2. olie says:

    If Roberts is healthy ,not even close!

  3. tomy cassella says:

    we have to be positive on the health issues for the yanks this year.

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