Yankees 2014 Spring Training broadcast schedule


Many Yankees fans have asked about the Spring Training broadcast schedule, so to make it a little easier in order to figure out which game you’re going to watch, here’s a guide as to when the Yankees will air their Spring Training games this season.

— Thursday, February 27:  Pirates vs. Yankees (YES, MLBN, WFAN)
— Saturday, March 1: Phillies vs. Yankees (YES, MLBN)
— Sunday, March 2: Yankees @ Blue Jays (MLB.TV)
— Monday, March 3: Nationals vs. Yankees (YES, MLBN)
— Tuesday, March 4: Orioles vs. Yankees (YES, MLBN)
— Thursday, March 6: Yankees @ Phillies (MLB.TV, MLBN)
— Saturday, March 8: Yankees @ Astros (MLBN, WFAN)
— Sunday, March 9: Rays vs. Yankees (YES, MLBN, WFAN)
— Tuesday, March 11: Yankees @ Nationals (MLB.TV)
— Wednesday, March 12: Tigers vs. Yankees (YES, MLBN)
— Thursday, March 13: Orioles vs. Yankees [SS] (YES, MLBN)
— Thursday, March 13: Yankees @ Phillies [SS] (MLB.TV)
— Friday, March 14: Twins vs. Yankees (YES, MLBN)
— Saturday, March 15: Orioles vs. Yankees (YES, MLBN, WFAN)
— Sunday, March 16: Braves vs. Yankees (YES, MLBN, WFAN)
— Monday, March 17: Yankees @ Pirates (MLB.TV)
— Tuesday, March 18: Red Sox vs. Yankees (YES, ESPN, WFAN)
— Thursday, March 20: Yankees @ Red Sox (YES, ESPN, WFAN)
— Friday, March 21: Pirates vs. Yankees (MLBN)
— Saturday, March 22: Yankees @ Twins (MLB.TV, WFAN)
— Sunday, March 23: Blue Jays vs. Yankees (YES, MLBN, WFAN)
— Tuesday, March 25: Phillies vs. Yankees (YES, MLBN, WFAN)
— Wednesday, March 26: Yankees @ Blue Jays (MLB.TV)
— Thursday, March 27: Yankees @ Pirates (YES, MLBN)
— Saturday, March 29: Marlins vs. Yankees (YES, WFAN)

*The Yankees and Marlins are slated to play two exhibition games in Panama on March 15-16, but there has been no broadcast information at this time. Once there’s more information the list will be updated.


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