Yankees release list of guest instructors for Spring Training


Every Spring Training, the Yankees bring back former players to be guest instructors. They’re not interested in returning to the game professionally (although Andy Pettitte has to be the only case I’ve heard of so far to actually return to professional baseball after being an instructor), but they’re here to offer insight to the young generation of Yankees players. Here are the list of instructors for the 2014 season:

Billy Connors (36)
Goose Gossage (54)
Ron Guidry (49)
Reggie Jackson (44)
Hideki Matsui (55)
Lee Mazzilli (24)
Stump Merrill (22)
Jorge Posada (20)
Willie Randolph (30)
David Wells (33)

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10 Responses to Yankees release list of guest instructors for Spring Training

  1. Don Bonomi says:

    Cashman has been quoted as saying: "We had a lot of problems to fix in the off season. We didn't fix all of them and we are still in the problem solving mode." That certainly is true. Cashman whiffed on signing one of the top 3 closers on the free agent market. They still think that Robertson will pick up where Rivera left off. What a mistake in judgement! They also think that Shawn Kelley will be the new eighth inning stopper. This is another mistake. You can tell me all about how many punch outs he had last season but did you see his final ERA? It was well over: 4.00 and that means he let in a lot of runs. Stephen Drew is really the best possible back up to Jeter on the market and they should sign him before someone else picks him up. He would be a good long term acquisition for the Bombers. I don't believe anyone else on their roster has both his offensive and defensive potential. Good luck Brian Cashman.

    • John Rotolo says:

      disagree in every particular. we won`t know whether robertson can fill the closer role or whether kelley can handle the 8th inning until we see them try. yeah, I know , robertson hasn`t lit it up in the past when called upon to close , but the sample is extremely small and mariano was still around. I for one, see no reason to sign a pretty good defensive 30 year old shortstop with a mediocre ba for big bucks. if they can get him cheap for a short term , maybe. E.R.A. is an extemely deceptive stat when guys don`t throw a lot of innings. I think kelley`s strikeout to inning ratio is far more telling. jeff nelson and mike stanton had years where a few bad outings blew up their ERAs , but they were indispensable.

    • David Smith says:

      This is why I wouldn't want you to be the GM. Do you know why no team has signed Stephen Drew yet? Any team that signs him will have to forfeit a 1st round draft pick to the Red Sox. It's one thing to give up a 1st round pick for someone like a Cano or a McCann, who you're investing in long-term, but for someone like Drew that's only going to command a 2-yr deal, why would a team give up a 1st round pick for 2 years of Stephen Drew? Some team will eventually give in because they're desperate, but I wouldn't even waste my time with Drew because of the draft pick compensation.

      Second, nobody thinks Robertson, or anybody, can replace Rivera. Sorry, but neither Rodney, Nathan, Jim Johnson, nor any of the available free agent closers would've come in and seamlessly pick up where Rivera left off. No matter who you put in the 9th inning, it's going to be a downgrade from the greatest closer in the history of the sport.

      • Just to fill you in, the Yankees have already given up their 1st and 2nd round draft picks for Eillsbury and McCann so signing Drew wouldn't hurt them nearly as much as it would other teams. Now you can argue that losing so many prospects would be bad, but giving up a 3rd round pick for Drew is no where nearly as painful as giving up a 1st round pick.

    • blown out says:

      your a gimp

    • Ismael Quinones says:

      After Mariano any one of these relievers will be an adjustment for Yankee fans.
      The 8th and 9th innings will no longer be a sure thing most of the time.
      The Yankees will need a young power arm to make the roster and do what Mariano did his first year or two; dominate hitters.

  2. pisano says:

    I totally disagree about Drew, first off he's not a $14 million a year shortstop, not even close, second off, he's not worth a draft pick. I think they did the right thing in staying away from him. As far as Robertson goes, I feel he will do the job, and I also have a lot of faith in Shawn Kelly, I think their bullpen is going to surprise a lot of people. Time will tell.

  3. Yankees fan says:

    Over the past 5 years how have the Yankees won games? If you thought by their prospects that is a big no they have so much money that they " buy" their players and it works greatly I believe they should not go after Drew and hold out until the trade dead line and trade for a 3b or a SS they have a lot of success with that for example how about Alfonso Soriano he can hit 30hrs a year and they only traded P Corey Black so that is what I believe they should do. This is only my opinion though.

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