Yankees sign Andrew Bailey to minor league deal

Andrew Bailey

The Yankees aren’t doing anymore major deals, but they will sign players that could eventually help the team.

The Yankees have agreed to a minor league deal with ex-Red Sox Andrew Bailey which also includes incentives. Bailey had surgery to repair a torn labrum in July, but if he has no set-backs in his recovery, he should be ready to pitch by mid-May.

Bailey was a former All-Star while closing games for the Oakland Athletics but injuries riddled his career. However, when he is healthy, he is very effective, holding a career 2.64 ERA.

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12 Responses to Yankees sign Andrew Bailey to minor league deal

  1. Yankees fan says:

    If he can stay healthy he would be a great addition to a shakey bullpen.

  2. Don Bonomi says:

    Although Bailey has a high ceiling in terms of potential, this seems to be the same old Cashman once again. He signs injured players for a paltry sum of money with the hope that they can produce in the long run. He has had many failures in this area on his resume. He should be concerned about the bullpen and sign healthy, experienced and successful relievers to help the team in 2014. We have a saying in Spanish: "lo barato sale caro". Tell Cashman to get a translator if he wants to know what that means. Basically, it depicts his philosophy on signing cheap injured players.

  3. hotdog says:

    Cashman should have spent a little more time considering his bullpen this off-season but at this point Andrew Bailey could come in handy…he's experienced as a closer and could serve as a filler if needed and the bullpen can certainly use a healthy Andrew Bailey…this is low risk high reward…i remember getting Ibanez on the cheap in 2012 and he was a phenom for us that year…low risk, high reward…it may seem like buying penny stocks but I like these guys who in Bailey's case, is 29 years old with a proven record…smart move imo…the smarter move would have been to have made the bullpen a greater priority but here we are…

  4. Mike Davis says:

    I sincerely doubt he'll be ready by mid May, but even if he is what about April and the first part of May? The race in the AL East figures to be very close, the pennant could easily be lost early in the season. Cashman needs to find reliable relievers for the entire season. His lack of progress in helping to rebuild the bullpen is criminal.

    • hotdog says:

      you're right…and with Boone Logan gone, who steps up as the lefty specialist…are you trying to put together a winning team or is the focus on putting stars on the field to create revenue…short sighted imo…playoff bound teams need solid bullpens…i don't see the Yankees as an offensive superpower like they wear years ago and the reliance has to be on the pitching with the bullpen being a real key…but we picked up Matt Thornton and may likely promote Dellin Betances…get with it Cashman, there were deals to be made…should of paid Boone Logan his price imo and gone after a guy like Mujica…

  5. Considering he had shoulder surgery, I think there is serious doubt that he'll ever pitch for the Yankees. Minor league deal is no risk though, but don't get your hopes up.

  6. Yankees fan says:

    Rumor has it they are interested in Jole Horanaran let me know if I spelled that wrong which I know I did but he his coming back from Tommt John and they are also interested in Johan Santana who is trying to come back from a injury his fastball is only geting to 75 – 80 mph one word OUCH! But any way go Yankees.

  7. tomy cassella says:

    enough with all the injured pitchers.

  8. Yankees fan says:

    Just heard that the Twins Yankees Philles Jays and the Orioles were watching Johan pitch today so the Yanks are truly interested in Johan if they get him he has to be healthy.

  9. Yankees fan says:

    Yes you are right it is a 40 percent chance he can play I say no signing Johan if they still need another pitcher get a healthy one!

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