Alfonso Soriano takes grounders at first


Alfonso Soriano is unaware of how much playing time he’ll get in left field or how often he’ll be the DH, but he does know one thing coming into the 2014 season–he wants to be in the Yankees lineup.

“The most important thing is to just be in the lineup,” he said. “If I’m in the lineup, now matter how — DH, play defense — I’m fine. I just want to be able to help the team. … I’m just focused to get ready in spring training, and I don’t want to put nothing in my mind. I want to just wait for Girardi to talk to me and see what’s going on. Right now, I don’t control that situation. I just want to get ready to get my swing, working on my defense. When he talks to me, I want to know what’s my role here.”

And Soriano is preparing for any role this spring; he was shagging fly balls in left and right field and he even took grounders at first with a first base glove he brought to camp.

“I have some work at first base just in case,” Soriano said. “But I’m just here to help the team to win. I have to be DH, outfield, play once in a while at first base. I’m hoping (to play) because I’m here to help the team.”

As we all know, Mark Teixeira is the Yankees first basemen, but Soriano is working on being as versatile as possible so he could help the Yankees in almost any situation, should the need arise.

Some Notes

Masahiro Tanaka will make his first real start tomorrow. He’s excited about starting the game since he’ll see actual big league hitters. Francisco Cervelli (who has caught Tanaka the most this Spring) will not make the trip to Clearwater. Brian McCann will catch Tanaka so McCann could gain some familiarity with him.

— Mark Teixeira took batting practice this morning and will do some more later today. It’s also the one year anniversary of when he hurt his wrist in the batting cage, preparing for the World Baseball Classic.


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9 Responses to Alfonso Soriano takes grounders at first

  1. Michael says:

    I know it's crazy and stupid and I know he hasn't played there in a long time but I would have just rolled the dice and let Soriano play second base. Rather play him there than possibly first.

  2. Jay Zee says:

    With his bat he has to play somewhere. Always felt he wasn't a real leadoff man during his first stint with the Yanks. He was always a free swinger and not one to walk much or have a decent OBA. He was and is the perfect 4 5 or 6 batter. I also thought he did an adequate enough job at second base.

  3. Please be kidding about Soriano playing 2nd base. Why not let him catch? At 2nd, the first time he is taken out on a double play pivot his knees will buckle and he will be out for the season.

    Back to reality, given that Teixeira's health is shaky, having Soriano ready to step in on the short term or get the occasional start at 1st makes all the sense in the world.

  4. Michael R says:

    Just wanted everyone to know that it was Michael who wrote the Soriano at 2B thing, NOT MICHAEL R.

    • Lol. We have Michael and Michael R. and we also have Yankee Fan and Yankees Fan. I don't know what to say except thanks for commenting! If this ever becomes an issue because of confusion, I will find a way to address it.

  5. Tom Washburn says:

    Tex is the best first baseman I have ever seen. Take a look at the last at bat that he had last season before he was done for the year. look at the video … pay special attention to the way he was flexing his wrist like a madman. He broke his wrist again… He should have had his income taken away from him for stupidity. The personal trainer should be taken out and shot behind the dug out ! Mr. Cashman should be sold to the Boston Red Sox for a subway token. Tex should not be in the batters box at all at this point period !!! I don't care how he feels. He is the best defensive first baseman in baseball and that is critical to the success of this team. His wrist is weak protect him !!!!

  6. Bill Vigue says:

    I fear Tex has become so pull minded that his wrist will fail and it is a great back up to have Soriano as a back up at first base. Anyone who has infield experience can play 1st base, and often better than big guys who could play no other position. Not sure if Soriano at 1st is his idea or the clubs. But it was always in my mind when we got him last year and could be a BIG move toward a championship. Still? I wish Tex would go back to him old ways and hit the ball where it is pitched – and NOT try to pull every single pitch. Since TEX has given into that mindset he has failed himself and the team.

  7. Bill Vigue says:

    Soriano! Lead this 2014 team!

  8. Really excited to go to Ibiza this June with my Uni fellows 🙂

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